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I really can't see how anyone can introduce a new model of receiver with substantial enhancements every year. I don't care how many engineers etc you have working on it, it's just not possible to comprehend the needs, design, implement, test, certify, etc. This shit is complex. You change one seemingly innocuous part and it can doom profits if it fails. But it's been a long time for Anthem. That tells me they are having real problems. Maybe what they're trying to get into production is substantially innovative enough to bruise their brains or...their brains have moved on. Of course I am just speculating as I really have no idea.

I've have my MRX-1120 for 3 years now, and it is still their flagship receiver, so I completely get the points from you and CV about it being a while. I wouldn't say that they are by any means struggling. There are discussions elsewhere about the product model, and the biggest gripe is Play-Fi not connecting via wifi very well (something that really should have been fixed 3 years ago, but the demand is pretty low). I hear about sales still being pretty strong for the 1120, 720, and AVM60 pre/pro, so again, they aren't struggling there.

When people have brought up on other sites about the age of the current product line, people ask "well, what is missing?" and most people just come up with things about the latest upcoming HDMI spec for the most part, or other connectivity bells or whistles to specific web based apps that don't exist. The Anthem products have never been about bells and whistles, they have been about quality builds and amazing sound. Since their current products can still deliver that even to brand new customers with brand new display and input technologies, I just don't think that they feel the need to do much from a hardware perspective yet.

On aside note, they are releasing their next major release of ARC (Anthem Room Correction) this month. V2 was damn impressive, but this Genesis version is supposed to not only just process things better, but allow you to do what took another $100 mic, REW, and a mini-DSP to accomplish, so I am pretty excited about that. Slated to come out sometime yet this month. So while there are not hardware changes, there are new software innovations from a company whose current room correction software is absolutely amazing already.

With ALL of that said, I still don't know what I will do the next time I need to upgrade. My plan 3 years ago was originally to get into separate amps and a nice pre/pro. I would have done it too if I didn't get the steal of a price on the MRX-1120. It is nice having it all in one box, but I've always wanted to get to the point of dedicated amplification like that. Then again, I am *still* running an old JVC RS45 1080p projector because it looks "damn good" and while I've seen the improvements with even their impressive faux-K lines, Daddy's got other things that he needs to spend money on. LOL

I wonder how the new ARC will compare to Dirac Live. If it comes even close to matching Dirac, then the AVM60 will be a hell of a bargain.

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