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Where is a good place to buy Anthem?

Denon too.

NewEgg has great deals, but will not ship to me (Alaska).

I think that you have to buy them direct or via an "installer" type of dealer. They have a dealer locator page:
Anthem Dealer Locator But I don't see anything in Alaska.

They do list 2 other authorized online resellers (Audio Advice and Crutchfield), but they are locked in on price by Anthem, so it isn't a deal. You could hit up some Facebook groups and just post that you are looking for Anthem products in Alaska, and I bet that the person that sold me mine is still out there watching post... The group called "Home Theater Enthusiast" is a good place to start, but I think that he is in a number of those groups. (Home Theater on Your Budget, and HTFE Home Theater For Everyone). just PLEASE do not tell them that you know me. It won't do you any favors as he got in trouble with Anthem shipping across country lines at the prices he was selling them for, and so everyone tries to keep it quiet as to not draw too much attention to it. Still full warranties and supported (I know because I got one of the early product run models of the 1120, and it had an issue right away that needed warranty work - they just swapped it out). Good luck.

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