I've posted my thoughts on QS10s before but there's one aspect I may not have gotten across clearly. Watching episodes of Black Summer with one of my gal pals has reminded me once again how awesome these surrounds are.

I upgraded from QS8 to QS10 in my 4200 cu ft room. I sit about 12 feet away from the side QS10s and I have a gyproc ceiling. They are crossed over at 40Hz. I dont have rears as I've found they aren't useful.

I've been tossing around upgrading my receiver to ATMOS but the QS10s have convinced me there's no point. While watching Black Summer, we are constantly hearing sounds behind us to the left, right and immediately behind our heads. I should point out I have 5 feet of space to the back wall so they are doing a nice job of reflecting. Where called for in the scenes, we are also hearing very realistic effects above. No doubt the HP drivers and the mid-woofers which reflect off my ceiling, are creating this effect. There are many examples of these kinds of effects but the most poignant one caused my pal to duck, cover and scream. That was in episode 2 when the deadite was on top of that van. I've already described in other posts just how much more I can hear with the QS10 vs QS8. The QS8 really were not appropriate for my room.

This ability to do "pseudo ATMOS" is yet another secret Axiom is keeping to themselves. I suppose I should get a product review up. It may help potential buyers.