Was hoping to get some suggestions on speaker placement for a 5.2.2 overhead system. As you can see I have a bulkhead directly above my first row seating. I will actually be getting rid of my second row altogether (riser and seats).


Am was planning to move my current surrounds (QS8) to the back wall and make them the left/right surround speakers (getting rid of the qs4's currently there). But after a bit of reading, it seems monopole is what your want for Atmos. I have a pair of M3s I can use for rear surround.


Cutting a hole in ceiling and running wire for in-ceiling speakers is not really an option. So, for the overhead speakers, I am thinking of using some axiom audio M2's angled downward. Or perhaps I would be better off with M3's?

Would put them the speakers here:



Some specific questions I have:
1. For the rear surrounds that will be moved to the back wall, should they be lower than the speakers currently there?

2. Do you think this is enough height for the overheads? It is 7 feet to the bottom of the bulkhead (top of the overhead speaker). I could put them higher up on the wall if I move them in front of the bulkhead, but not sure if the bulkhead would impede some of the sound?

3. Thoughts on the location of the overhead speakers? I could also ceiling mount the speakers, but this would have to be done in front of the bulkhead as the would hang too low mounted to the bulkhead. Or again, I could put them on ceiling in front of bulkhead.

4. If mounted on the wall (pointing down) Is there any concern that the left overhead will be about 2 feet further from the main listening position than the right one? I imagine audyssey will take care of this?

5. Thoughts on using a M2 vs M3 for the overheads?

6. Thoughts on the overhead setup I am thinking of vs. an atmos enabled speaker placed on top of my front left and right speakers?

I can move the seating forward or back if need be - but would rather not move it back too much.

As an aside, I am likely going to move to M60s for the front and also upgrade the center channel. But that is for another post.

Open to thoughts and/or suggestions.