My first batch of Axiom speakers should be arriving tomorrow! Can’t wait to try them out although my room is not finished so acoustics will definitely not be ideal. The room will also pose other acoustical challenges, but will make the best of what I have. I have read this post and it was helpful https://www.axiomaudio.com/boards/ubbthreads.php/topics/431128/1

Speakers – 5.1.4
LCRs (3) - M5HPv4 In-wall
Rears (2) - M2v4 In-wall
Atmos (4) - M3v4 In-ceiling

My basement is an open room that is not a dedicated theater room. It is a large living room that is separated into two smaller spaces. One side of the room will be for Audio/Video and the other will be a games area. I will have a projection screen that is acoustically transparent. My initial thoughts were to put the LCRs behind the projection screen for a clean look, but also to have the audio come from the viewing position.
Total Room – 25W x 25L x 7.5H
AV Portion – 12W x 25L x 7.5H

My projection screen is 100” and I’m thinking that it will not provide enough separation for all three speakers. I did have this concern during construction, so I have run the cables so that I could locate the L/R speakers on the side of the screen and the C would still be behind the screen. I did ask Axiom to match the screen grills to the colour of my wall just in case.

What do you experts think about the L/R placement? Behind screen or beside screen?

room picture

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