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I actually got in touch with Ian. Sounds like the in-celing will work for atmos, but better off with in-wall mounted in-ceiling. I did not ask about a poinable tweeter.

My question:

My intent for the four in-ceilings was to use them for Atmos.

I was just about to order this and I stumbled across a post in your forums where some said you had indicated the in-ceilings are not very good for Atmos because they do not image well due to the driver being behind the flange?

Can you comment further on this? If true, how about the M3 in-wall mounted in the ceiling?

Ian’s response:

Hi , The M3 in-wall will be superior no matter the application because of the drivers being slightly in-front of the plane. The comment about Atmos is not quite correct however, I mentioned that for Atoms the in-ceiling would be less of a compromise because they are only handling effects. Thanks Ian
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Thanks, but my specific question on this thread is the aimable question. In wall speakers are a no-go for me.

Did you see my earlier post with pic? The tweeter is aimable, but only slightly (maybe 10 to 15 degrees).

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