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First off thanks for the info on the M5's dispersion. So if I were to go with the M5's or M3's (in-wall style) in-ceiling how would I place them? Horizontal with the tweeter furthest or closest from MLP or horizontal, tweeter in or outside?

Sitting in the center seat the angle to the in-ceiling speakers is shallower as the distance is further than the end seats. My ears are 3'6" from the floor.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

I got a response from Ian saying to place the tweeters closest to the listeners. This was in response to me stating the speakers would be mounted lengthwise (front to back of room). Though I would think the answer would be the same regardless of speaker orientation.

I didn't know the M3 in ceiling had a pointable tweeter. Given this, I may go with them instead.

I can't imagine one would notice much of a difference between the 2 in Atmos duty and having the aimable tweeter will give me a little more 'tweaking' ability.