Hi Guys - We have a pair of almost 4 year old LFR-1100's. They are running in our high end, 2 channel system. We tried them as part of a 5.1 system, but later took the M50's back speakers and VP180 HP and combined them with the M100's in our main theater.

The reason for this is the 1100's throw such a large sound stage and a terrific image from any listening position that the center wasn't needed, and the rear channels were not quite up to the fronts.

With the introduction of the LFR-1100 actives, we are seriously thinking about running a 4.2 system with Dual LFR-1100 actives in the front, dual LFR-1100's rear, ADA-1500's all around (a total of 14 channels - 5 each for the fronts, 2 each for the rear) and a pair of EP800's for bass.

Ian and I have been emailing about the idea, and we are waiting for his thoughts on LFR-1100's for the rears along with the phantom center idea for movie use.

Most listening in this room is music, as most movies are on our 120 inch screen, M100/VP180HP/M50 system (with an EP800 for bass).

While this system will be expensive in "Axiom terms," compared to other high end systems, it's actually very affordable.

Any thoughts?