WOW! I have only used the LFR1100s for home theater, until today. Bunch of audio nuts got together and listened to the Harbeth 30.2s, Audio Research Reference separates, Nordost speaker cables and interconnects. Marantz SA-10 disc player, (and 2 x EP500 subs) system. (No vinyl today) Sounds great (and it should, you could buy a nice car for the cost of this system).

[Little back story - I was very happy with my dad's refurbished/recapped Harman Kardon TA5000x - Klipsch Forte - Rotel disc player, upstairs system, until the HK started smoking. No fire extinguisher necessary. Took it to Tom the Tube Guy to fix it. Swapped in the Antique Sound Labs MG SI 15dt integrated tube amp. - Back to the present]

Today, we rolled some tubes in the Antique Sound Labs 5 watt per channel single end triode amp (Holy Grail tubes - Telefunken ECC803s) with a pair of Klipsch Fortes. Better than the GE longplate 12AX7S. Great, but not nearly as great as the Harbeth system.

Everyone was ready to go home, when we decided, let's try out the LFR110s. It's in a home theater system, Marantz 7703 preamp, Integra Research BAT RDA7 monster amplifier, a 2 channel Marantz amp, Oppo UDP 205 disc player, an EP600 and big HSU sub.

Unwrapped and put on "Best Audiophile Voices" (XRCD), listened in 2 channel plus subs. WOW!!! What took me so long?

The soundstage is huge and imaging precise. Big, rich and accurate sound. Everyone LOVED them. What a sweet, accurate, full, yet propulsive sound! Mid range is exceptional. The tweeters received praise from all for the beautiful highs. These are big, complicated speakers which speak with one voice, they are coherent. These are good! REALLY GOOD. Substantially better than the Klipsch/ASL system.

I am so happy!

Ian, what a wonderful speaker you and Andrew have made!!!

Thank you.

Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.