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Ah yes, the perfect 360-degree sound radiator. We are a still a long way off from that. I wonder how you would mount it in the room?

like a pendent lamp ... a chain from the ceiling. Back when I was an undergrad I worked as a tech for the Dept of Electronic Music at the University of Illinois ... the head of that department designed a pair of round faceted speakers that looked to be over a meter in diameter with drivers pointing in all directions. I saw and heard it once in a concert (with a drummer) but the music was one of his compositions and ... "electronic".

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The response curves of this device would all be identical and would need to have a similar downward tilt like we see in the LFR curves. As to how it would actually perform, all I can say is I would love to be in that blind listen test!

I'm missing to reason to the downward tilt to the curves as I thought that only had to do with matching the sound power of a bipole ... and ditto on being included on the blind test.

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Technically an LFR is a Bipole design but the linearity of the front and rear off-axis responses make it operate more like an omnidirectional.

In the listening window with walls in place ...

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