Thanks very much for asking.

I waited a year before swinging a club so I just started golfing again last month. I wanted to make sure that my rib cage was all knitted together rather than risking dislodging something in there. It didn't improve my game though!

Furthermore, I've been riding my Volt Bike Yukon 750 electric fat bike since Christmas that gives me daily cardio workouts - when I so choose. It is really easy to use the Pedal Assist feature if I get lazy, ha! Similarly I finally got my wonderful new Yamaha T-Max 530 motorcycle running again after a year lay off & have been enjoying our fabulous riding weather on VR Island this spring.

So, all in all, things are going very well. It is quite amazing what our medical folks are doing these days to keep old pharts like me upright & mobile for a little longer...