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Has your Anthem ignited yet, Michael? All the ADAs I have run cool even with 2400W peaks.

Not yet, but I'm not using ANY of the amps. I have an external ICE base amplifiers. - and they run cool.

I did get my T8 cooling fan. Pretty slick device. I can set it up to start pulling air at any temp or fan speed. I have not had time to watch a movie though, so I don't know if the Anthem's fan will run yet.

I might also add that some of the guys at AVS reported the MRX fan would run, even when using external amps, so this is not a "hot amp" thing, but a processor thing. My MRX fan only came on during movies with multi-channel sound processing.

I'm planning on getting an MRX and doing exactly the same thing. I wonder if there's a way to just 'turn off' internal amplification altogether. Or does it effectively do that by itself when nothing is connected to the binding posts?

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