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Then it really should be called 'ebony coloured vinyl'. I don't use vinyl much in my profession. I prefer to use real wood. But I do use some acrylics and resins when needed to enhance the wood.

No, it's not "ebony coloured vinyl". Like the title of my question says, it's "ebony vinyl". The ebony is extracted from the wood and mixed with vinylencium to make the finest Valencia Ebony Vinyl money can buy. I guess you know about this process since you're in the business.

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It is funny but when you look at real wood veneer speakers, they are inevitably covered in a polyurethane high gloss finish. Effectively covered in plastic. It seems a bit of a waste to take some beautiful wood and then encase it in plastic. at that case you might as well get vinyl to begin with.

Yaaaa! That's why I didn't go with real wood veneer.

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