Greetings, been away a long time. Lurking occasionally. Moved 3 years ago and my Axiom's have been in their shipping boxes since, sniff. Spent much of that time remodeling this house, other hobbies or being lazy. Anyway I'm finally to the point of building my new, dedicated HT space!

I'm going to be diving into the world of projection this time and trying to squeeze two rows of seating in the space I have. It's going to be interesting but my question to everyone is more about trying to hide my M80/VP180v3's behind a false wall. Space will be tight so I would need to have them all the way back, basically (nearly) touching the wall. If I plugged all the ports would there be a chance everything could work that way? In my last home I had them about 6+ inches off the wall. I do still love being able to listen to 2 channel audio but if I had to pick it's primary function, it's going to be about an immersive movie experience.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few to visualize what I'm trying to do. - layout - facing screen - facing speakers - IRL - distance calc