Sorry, I forgot to post the other things u see in the picture:

- SVS 25-31PC+ in the top right corner.
- 19" Sony monitor - which has to be replaced this summer to an LCD because it takes too much desk space - i have no place to study!
- Homebuilt WATERCOOLED PC =) -> lian li aluminum case, AMD 2500+ overclocked to 3600+, 1gb ddr400 Geil Ram, Ati Tv tuner, Radeon 9800Pro videocard, Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS soundcard... in case u guys dont notice, my other hobby is pc-building. THE GREEN YOU SEE IS WATER (in the tubes and in the front reservoir)! =P
- Yamaha RXV-530

No no no... im not rich.. but i do make pretty good money at my job at the hospital (15$/hr). I am in medical school and right now - this is probably my last summer working, so i need to start saving a bit... no more speaker upgrade after the QS4s!!

The way i accumulated my stuff is this: whenever i had a big exam or at the end of the semester - if i got an A, i would allow myself a certain number of dollars for self-indulgence... after a while, it added up - and i spent on myself with no remorse because the money, to me, was like a reward spent well. i dont buy things for the heck of it, i have to earn it, even if it means depriving myself of certain things for extended periods of time.

I paid for everything - parents got me the axioms for my getting into medical school though... the sub,pc, monitor, receiver, clothes... everything is through me.

And yes, I eat RAMEN noodles.. but i try to go out a lot - i go to city restaurants a lot.. maybe a little too much because i find that most of my money goes to food. And no, im not fat.

thanks for looking guys!

btw, i returned the maples - i kept the black oak... besides, i thought the black matched my overall room (stands, pc, monitor, sub, receiver, keyboard... blah blah blah) better. cheers! =)

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JOEY's PC Sound System: Polk LSi7 (x4, mains and rears) and SVS 25-31PC+ (sub)