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#110118 - 09/06/05 09:08 AM VP100 tops out!?
davemire Offline
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I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed their VP100 topping out. My system in by no means good or capable of much, and I noticed that at a volume that is perfectly within reason explosions sound tinny and like it's trying to hard!? The center is set to small I'm not sure what the hell. It might be my amp but it's the only speaker that does it.

#110119 - 09/06/05 09:54 AM Re: VP100 tops out!?
F107plus5 Offline

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I was just going back through all your previous posts, and I can't be sure whether or not you have a sub!

If you don't.... Then setting your center to small won't make much of a difference(if any)

As far as the VP100 sounding small; there's a good is small. It's not designed nor intended to reproduce the lower frequencies. The low freqs are intended for a sub through whatever bass managment your receiver produces.

I won't even mention tone controls, cause I'm sure you don't have your receivers' bass turned down and the treble turned up.

If you don't currently have a sub, and funding is a problem(who hasen't a problem these days!) then there are a number of inexpensive subs available in the $80-$100USD range that would help considerably in filling in the low sounds.

#110120 - 09/07/05 03:48 AM Re: VP100 tops out!?
nitram Offline

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I have a VP100 center with a pair of M3Ti sides, and a Hsu TN1220 sub. I found that I could get the sound somewhat tinny out of the VP100 when I did both of the following: 1) I put the center gain too high in my receiver; and 2) the VP100 was wrong way up sitting on a coffee table with the drivers pointing at a hard, reflective surface. So if you have adequate bass in the rest of your setup, I'd look at receiver settings and placement. Reflective surfaces can make any speaker sound poor. Good luck!

#110121 - 09/07/05 10:35 AM Re: VP100 tops out!?
bridgman Offline

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You also need to make sure that the front edge of the speaker is hanging out a bit over the edge of the shelf/TV. The sound can be quite boxy and hard if you are getting reflections off a flat surface right in front of the speaker.

I'm fairly sure (but not 100% sure) this applies to any center channel speaker, not just the VPxxx series.
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#110122 - 09/08/05 12:11 PM Re: VP100 tops out!?
davemire Offline
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Loc: Peterborough, ON
I will check the receiver settings. I do have a sub, mind you a junky one, but it's still taking the lower frequencies.

#110123 - 09/08/05 01:02 PM Re: VP100 tops out!?
SirQuack Offline
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You say your center is set to small, but you don't mention where you have the crossover set on the receiver?
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