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#111644 - 09/28/05 09:32 PM how loud!
willso7 Offline

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ok ,i just want to know how loud i can push my reciever (denon 1905) ,range from -45 to 15 !!! some person told me -0 is the maximum , is it truth. and you axiom fan how loud do you listen your movies. im very happy of my vp-100. ty
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#111645 - 09/28/05 09:50 PM Re: how loud!
St_PatGuy Offline

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Well, on my H/K I usually have the volume around -25dB, but I keep my remote handy because I live upstairs in an apartment complex. Don't know what the spl meter actually reads at that level.

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#111646 - 09/28/05 10:37 PM Re: how loud!
SirQuack Offline
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Movies will vary depending on how they were originally recorded. Comfortable movie listening for me is usually between -35dB and -15dB. I rarely crank up movies near the 0dB or beyond. Not that you can't do this, but why would you? Some CD's or DVD Audio at times I like to be closer to 0dB's but for extended listening I'm usually around -20dB to -15dB.

Your VP100 is designed to accept a receiver upto 200 Watts Per Channel, so there won't be any problems.

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#111647 - 09/29/05 10:24 AM Re: how loud!
bugbitten Offline

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I normally list at -18 to -15. Yesterday my son was watching "Die Another Day" and I thought it was too loud. I checked and he was watching at -25. "DAD" is dts and really throws the effects at you.

#111648 - 09/29/05 10:37 AM Re: how loud!
dmn23 Offline

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In my old apartment, -16 or -15 was just about right for most movies. In my new house, though, I find myself listening around -10 or more. The distance from the speakers is more or less the same, but I guess since the room is much larger it takes a bit more effort to create the same effect. One pleasant discovery in all of this is that my Marantz receiver barely gets warm.

As Randy mentioned, though, it really depends on how the source material was recorded. I put in my copy of "Stop Making Sense" the other night and had to turn it up to -5 or -6 to get a decent (exciting but not ear-splitting) level. With other movies I've backed it off to -12 or -14.
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#111649 - 09/30/05 01:05 AM Re: how loud!
DJ_Stunna Offline

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Well... I have a Pioneer VSX-1014TX-k and when you run MCACC, it sets a 0 dB point which is at Dolby reference volume for any Dolby Digital movie. (It's similarly loud when playing back dts-encoded movies.) Depending on speaker and microphone placement, its maximum volume has gone from around +8 dB to +15. I have watched a few movies like this, but overall it's a bit loud for me. I like listening to the movies at -10 dB if I'm alone (about 1/3 of the movies I see here) and -5 dB if I am with someone else.

#111650 - 09/30/05 01:34 AM Re: how loud!
hopkinj4 Offline
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Although I don't know how loud the denon 1905 will play. I have briefly turned the volume up to +4 on my denon 5803 at 117db. It will go to +17.... I'm scared to go any higher. As a side note, the Axiom setup was still clear as a bell... no distortion, spectacular.
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