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#115264 - 11/06/05 11:35 PM New Axioms, first listen report . . .
GregM Offline

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My M22Ti's and VP150 arrived last Thursday but after a late night at the gym, I decided not to try them out until Friday. I do this sort of thing once in a while. Kind of draw out the excitement a bit.

Anyway, Friday night I decide to burn an MP3 CD and pick five different songs from country to rock. I listend to them on my older Atlantic Technology speakers to get re-familiarized with how ordinary music sounded on that system. I then popped in the DVD Spectacular DVD which has four Dolby Trailers. Then it was the THX theme, the Lost in Space trailer as well as some choice scenes from Godzilla, Aliens, The Phantom Menace and The Fellowship of the Ring. This all took about half an hour and then I quickly swapped out my front three speakers for my new axioms.

What a difference in just two channel stereo! Male and female vocals were much more clear and each musical instrument sounded much more precise than I rembered hearing on my older AT's. Thoses speakers were from 1998, but they still could outperform most HTIB setups. To see this much improvement brought a smile to my face.

Then it was 5.1 time. The Dolby digital trailers played back with much more punch and the sound was much more authoritative, if that is a word to use. I love the orchestral music in the Lost in Space Trailer and it really shined on the VP150. I still swear that the best way to show off your home theater is with a preview that has that famous narrator guy's voice. My AT center strained a bit at higher volumes but the VP150 wasn't even challenged. I think I watched the trailer about three times.

Next up, The Fellowship of the Ring. I never heard Golem roll his "r's" before when talking about his "precious." I noticed no harsh sibilance which I believe is where I would hear a harsh "s" at the end of precious if indeed the VP150 had this trouble. I watched the first fifteen minutes though I wasn't planning on it.

Up next, Star Ward Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I wanted to hear the sharp sound of the light sabers as they sliced through the air. Well jumping from chapter to chapter to get to the duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul somehow allowed me just enough time to stop at the Pod Racer sequence. I think that scene took up too much time in the movie, but the sound was incredible. I still need to add QS8's for surround, but the VP150 and M22Ti's really performed well. Oh and that light saber battle? Wicked sounding.

The final stop was Godzilla which while not a 4 star movie, wasn't as bad as everyone said it was. I bounced from chapter to chapter enjoying Godzilla's romp through New York city much to the dismay of Mayor Ebert and his tall, lanky, balding, advisor Gene.

All in all I have to say I am very happy with my purchase. The biggest improvement is exactly what I wanted, more mid-bass punch. My current 12" AT 262PBM sub will have to do for a while, but the smallish 4" drivers in my front L&R and center speaker were due for replacement. The new Axioms are just what the doctor ordered. Previously, I always had to turn the center channel up a db or two to get dialog where I wanted. With the VP150, dialog is crisp and clear and is not overshadowed by the two front speakers and whatever sound they are putting out.

This post is getting long so I'll put an end to it. I may add to it later in the week when I have a chance to hear the F-14's in Top Gun in addition to the opening score.

Now do I have room on my credit card for the QS-8's . . .


#115265 - 11/06/05 11:58 PM Re: New Axioms, first listen report . . .
JohnK Offline
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Greg, great to hear how you're enjoying your Axioms. If that credit card doesn't have quite enough room for QS8s, it appears that in your 12'x 15' listening area QS4s should be plenty.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#115266 - 11/07/05 02:22 AM Re: New Axioms, first listen report . . .
Ken.C Offline
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Congrats, dude! Great first impressions. It makes me want to watch some movies...
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