This TV has been used for a total of about 1 month. I bought this TV for $4000.00 plus the stand that comes with it for $350.00 only 1 month ago. We have since moved into a house that has a smaller viewing area and it is a bit like sitting in the front row at a movie theater. The screen over powers the viewer since we are only about 7 feet from the TV. Its just to big for us now. It is in 100% perfect condition. Remember, I am including the stand, a value of $350.00 with this TV. This will be a pickup only item as the shipping for the TV and the stand would be to much trouble and run around $500-$600 dollars. Instruction book and remote control with 2 AAA batteries, receipt, and all booklets are included. I do not have the original box the TV came in as I did not intend to sell it. I am in the Raleigh North Carolina area and payment will have to be sent to me before the pickup takes place. Money Order Only.

I am also selling this on EBAY but am willing to work with you guys on some kind of deal.

Info on the TV.

This is a pickup only. I wont ship it due to the cost that it would add. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
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