And might I add this jrock65, when you get your Axioms and hook them up to your equipment, they will sound astounding right out of the box. Whatever your using for amplification won't matter, unless your getting the M80s, no one at the AVS forum will tell you that the reason they don't sound right is that you need to upgrade your receiver, add a power amp, etc, etc. You won't have to wonder about break-in periods, such as if I had only kept them and played them for 300 hours they would sound pretty good. And you won't have to worry about the stiffness of Kevlar or whatever other excuse you can think of. And you won't get a rude email from Axiom for asking them what you are possibly doing wrong to make these speakers sound so lousy. For these reasons, and especially the latter, I personally wouldn't buy a B&W product now or in the future. If you buy an Axiom product you can rest assured that you will have a top notch product and equally impressive customer service. And lastly, you will have to excuse Bruce for his rant. &