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#124581 - 01/17/06 05:48 PM will hum damage speakers?
aabouganem Offline

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After troubleshooting a noise in my system, and reading some reviews online, I decided that even with a Monster Clean Power, I still do have 60Hz hum

The deal is that if I dont turn dowm the amp (i.e. standby), there is a slight hum in all the speakers. That has been reported in some reviews on the 770 amp.

My question is, that if an almost inaudible hum will damage the speakers if left for a long period of time.?


#124582 - 01/17/06 05:59 PM Re: will hum damage speakers?
pmbuko Offline
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It won't damage anything, but it may reduce the time it takes your speakers to break in.
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#124583 - 01/17/06 08:59 PM Re: will hum damage speakers?
dakkon Offline

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It wont do any damage, its just feedback. You might have a ground loop, you should do some further investigation to see why you’re getting feedback in your system..

#124584 - 01/18/06 10:26 AM Re: will hum damage speakers?
Capn_Pickard Offline

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Does your monster power center have a place to "condition" your cable tv cord? I found that I could get rid of the hum either by purchasing a device from radio shack for about $3, or buy a power conditioner for about $250. I split the difference and went with a surge protector that regulated the cable signal as well. I found that the hum went away once I "treated" the cable signal. I prefer this solution because I don't get any reduction in analogue picture quality (whcih I was experiencing - via ghosting, snowy image, weak reception - with the readio shack part).

Try unplugging your sub and connecting it to a different outlet. That might also help.

#124585 - 01/18/06 11:46 AM Re: will hum damage speakers?
aabouganem Offline

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Yes. The Monster does "condition" the cable signal.

I did have problems with the cable before the power center. I had to disconnect the cable whenever I was going to use the HT. It suxs, until I got the power center and a very notable difference happened. The cable does not create any extra hum anymore.

I do suspect that the amp, as I read in some reviews of the 770, is causing some noise once is conected to an input. Even with the inputs with no signal, just connecting the cable into the amp from the preamp, causes the hum. Connecting the speaker to the amp and no cables in the amp inputs, there is no noise. So I guess that the amp is extremely sensitive to any ground unbalance at the inputs.


#124586 - 01/18/06 12:16 PM Re: will hum damage speakers?
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Have you checked the ground of the cable itself ?

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