Just installed this thing last night and so far it's great. Easy to install, I made the mistake of reading the manual first because I really suck at anything to do with net-working. And wireless I thought would be even harder. The book makes it sound like you have to be a network administrator to do this so I was a little worried. Well it couldn't have been easier, installed the software which you have to download, and then hooked up the hardware. The thing asks you a couple of easy questions and then sets up itself.

Like I said, it sounds great and works fantastic. Sounds much better using my receiver then when playing the same music in WinAmp and my computer. My computer is 24' from my receiver and I was using my RIO before, but I had to get up and walk over to the receiver to change a song if I needed to. But now I just use the remote to control everything. So cool! lol

There are a couple of things I don't like. One is the software for the player. It's not hard to figure out but it's not very user friendly. They really need to work on that and I'm sure they will over time. It doesn't display things in the same order I have it on my computer and I don't see an easy way to make changes to it. You can use the little up/down arrows next to each song to move things around but that would take forever. Now it could be that I've just not figured it out, if someone knows a better way please let me know?

The other thing is the volume output for each song can be very different. I know that's not (all) the players fault, but the way it was recorded. I even noticed it when using WinAmp on my computer, but it's much worse with this. I had a couple of songs that I deleted from the play list because it was so bad. Other then that I'm pretty happy with my new toy and glad I bought it. I'd give it about a 4 out of 5 stars.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my findings with you. I know it's not for everyone and it's not cheap at $299. But I think you'll love it if it's something you can use. Thanks for reading! Now if my new speakers would get here I'd be a very happy man! lol