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#142598 - 06/26/06 05:18 PM Samsung Blu-ray
HomeDad Offline

Registered: 12/29/05
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Loc: Central,California
I just got my first view of the new Samsung Blu-ray. They had it setup at Best Buy ( they actually set it up right ) and I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the picture. IMO much sharper than your standard DVD. Even though I was drooling over the picture at 999.00 I think I can wait and see what happens to future prices. There also seems to be a pretty good selection of HD DVD's already out for both formats.
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#142599 - 06/26/06 05:38 PM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: HomeDad]
Tarun Offline

Registered: 05/27/05
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Loc: Hillsborough, NJ
I am sure that by holiday time these will be half price.
Lets wait it out.

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#142600 - 06/26/06 09:57 PM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: HomeDad]
arcticair Offline

Registered: 04/14/06
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I pre ordered my PS3 back in May. It has Blue Ray and the lager Hard Drive. No price as of yet but im guessing $1200 cdn + tax. I also hope Blue Ray will beat out HD DVD !
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#142601 - 06/26/06 10:00 PM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: arcticair]
St_PatGuy Offline

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It has Blue Ray and the lager Hard Drive.

I'd go for the pale ale version myself.
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#142602 - 06/27/06 03:47 AM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: HomeDad]

Registered: 11/12/04
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A review I ran across:

HD-DVD vs. Blue-Ray

#142603 - 06/27/06 07:32 AM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: HomeDad]
LT61 Offline

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Loc: Illinois.
I too, saw the Best Buy blu ray unit......what I like, is the fact it will play "old" dvds, and improve the picture for them as well.

For once, we won't have to throw away all the "old" media quite as soon.

For that price, I think I can wait.....and, wait, and.....
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#142604 - 06/27/06 10:14 AM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: LT61]
nickbuol Offline

Registered: 09/16/04
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Loc: Marion, IA
Just a few comments, both Blu Ray AND HD DVD will play your "old" DVDs.

The image of the HD DVD (when Worst Buy sets it up correctly like that did at my local shop) looks the same to me as it does on Blu Ray. I wish that they had a demo disc mastered in both formats that would allow for a true A/B comparison.

I feel for Arcticair. $1200cdn is a big investment. If I made that kind of investment, I would be hoping that it ended up being the one that wins out as well.

Thanks DoubtingThomas29 for the review. As we all can see, both players are good and bad in different ways. I hope that all of the people in the world more wealthy than I am buy thousands of each type so that prices come down, technology gets better, and the world starts sorting through which one will win out in the end. Until then, I am keeping my money in my pocket.

For HomeDad and Arcticair, I cheer for Blu Ray. For the pure fact that HD DVD tried to come out with the first hi-def player that was more cost effective to make, and thus kept the consumer in mind for getting established, I like to cheer for them too.
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#142605 - 06/27/06 10:24 AM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: HomeDad]
inthedeck Offline

Registered: 03/22/06
Posts: 164
Just curious...but how much will Blu-Ray DVD's cost, as compared to HD-DVD's? This is another factor, for people contemplating such a device.

Currently, at the local Worst Buy, HD-DVD's sell for around $30 + tax which is about the price of a double boxed set of regular dvd's.

I dunno, I guess we shall see which one of these formats wins...but I would say that Blu-Ray will take charge, since that is what Sony's PS3 will use. Maybe Microsoft will get their act together, and come out with an HD-DVD player for the 360...and not make it too expensive (since that would make the overall cost of the 360 right in the league of Sony's PS3).

I suppose we shall see...but for now, I will enjoy the new system with my current gear.

#142606 - 06/27/06 11:02 AM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: inthedeck]
HomeDad Offline

Registered: 12/29/05
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Loc: Central,California
Microsoft has announced they will be coming out with a HD DVD add on for the 360, my guess is it will be released around Sept. when PS3 makes its debut.
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

#142607 - 06/27/06 11:40 AM Re: Samsung Blu-ray [Re: HomeDad]
Ken.C Offline
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Yes, so you can have another box in your entertainment system.
Oh wait. How exactly is that different from a standalone HDDVD?
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