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#153552 - 12/17/06 03:49 PM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: Hutzal]
jakewash Offline
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Found this on Best Buys site.



Plasma displays function differently than any other TV technology in that they actually produce light independently at each pixel on the screen, as opposed to projecting a separate light source through or off of other elements to conjure a picture. A plasma "screen" is actually a dense network of individual cells, three for each pixel of the display (coated with red, green and blue phosphors, respectively).
Each cell is impregnated with a rare-gas mixture and connected to an individual electrode. When the electrode for a given cell is charged with an electrical voltage, the gas is converted to a plasma state and emits a burst of ultraviolet light; this in turn causes the phosphors to react and produce bright visible light at the pixel level. By varying the voltage and intensity of the electrical charge, the proper combination of red, green and blue light is produced in each pixel to combine into a bright, colorful composite image. Plasma TVs are available in sizes from about 40" up to 70"+, but be prepared for sticker shock as your size desires increase.

Obviously, plasma TVs are desirable for their sleek form factor — about 4" deep and wall-mountable, they're undeniably sexy. Furthermore, plasma produces a very bright image that can be viewed in a well-lit room, with superb color accuracy and saturation. It's a matter of opinion, but many videophiles regard plasma's color vibrancy as beyond compare among current technologies. Because the light is produced at the screen rather than projected onto it, focus is consistent and reliable across the entire screen surface, and plasma screens can be viewed from angles as severe as 160 degrees off-axis without detrimental effect. And plasma's accurate pixel structure produces a picture that is geometrically perfect from edge to edge and corner to corner, with uniform light output and a crisp, lifelike image.

Early plasma TVs got a bad rap for their susceptibility to "burn-in" from static images such as stock-tickers and video-game gauges. Recent designs have largely eliminated this problem, incorporating (among other approaches) "pixel-orbiting" technologies that shift images, almost imperceptibly, over time to limit the occurrence of burn-in. However, if you are an avid gamer, you may wish to consider an alternative technology like flat-panel LCD, which is immune to burn-in.

Additionally, although known for their high contrast (relative to LCD) and spectacular color saturation, plasma displays have historically had difficulty reproducing pure blacks. Recent enhancements have significantly mitigated this problem, but sometimes at the expense of fine detail in dimly-lit areas of the picture.

The bottom line
Overall, plasma has maintained a reputation as the no-compromise high-tech HDTV display technology. While that's not entirely accurate, there's no question that a plasma TV on your living room wall will deliver amazing video performance – and, quite likely, a parade of drooling friends through your door as well.

I knew I read it somewhere, although I'm sure it wasn't here.


#153553 - 12/17/06 09:58 PM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: Lorenzo1000]
x94blair3 Offline

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DLP! Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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#153554 - 12/18/06 09:37 AM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: Hutzal]
millerbrad Offline

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Was just about to mention the HUD on games. This is what causes the burn in potential.

I don't know about all plasma sets, but I bought the 58" version of the Panasonic plasma (TH58PX60U). The set has been running for about 100-200hrs now, and I've actually already put in a couple marathon gaming sessions (6-8hrs). I haven't seen even a hint of burn-in, or even image retention, which I actually resigned to think would be a foregone conclusion.

Plasmas have come a long way, my friend...

#153555 - 12/20/06 09:30 PM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: millerbrad]
Ray3 Offline

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The current plasmas have much less burn-in problems. Certainly marathon gaming may cause some image retention, but that goes away when you switch from the gaming. The Pannys have a "Screen wipe" that helps out as well.

One thing to consider is a commercial version of the Panny plasmas. They do not have a tuner (if you are hooked up to a cable or satellite box, they will be your tuner) and there are no speakers (again, hooked up to your sound system). Handsome savings when you don't need to pay for redundant tuner/speakers.

I have a 42" commercial plasma in the great room above the fireplace and I'm very happy with it. If you get one, you will need a wall mount (Peerless model for around $100)

Some models to consider:
> TH-42PH9UK ($1,025 plus shipping)
> TH-50PH9UK ($1,695 plus shipping)

The above are prices from Visual Apex. They and New Egg (similar prices) have integrity and Customer Service that equals Axiom. I got my Panny from New Egg and the transaction was simple.

AVS has some extensive info on these models in the Plasma forum.

#153556 - 01/03/07 05:17 PM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: Ray3]
sidvicious02 Offline

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Just to add a little bit of follow up info for anyone that might be interested in the remainder of the story....happy New Year all, btw!

There were a couple of bargains to be had over boxing day. However we backed off at the last minute after we did some furniture movement in the room and realized we had a bit more room than we thought. We plan focusing $$$ on the new larger tv for the downstairs which will be required in the next few months. So far i've been looking at:

Toshiba 72MX196
Samsung HL-S7178W

FYI, the couple of bargains that were available over boxing day was (Canadian $$$):
Toshiba 42HP86 @ $1200
Samsung HP-S4233 @ $1300
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#153557 - 01/03/07 05:33 PM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: sidvicious02]
tomtuttle Offline

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Front Projection. You know you want it. Why buy 72" when you can get 120" for less?

Does "downstairs" mean you can control the light?

Come on, Scott. Randy, Dave, John and Mike will help set you up, I'm sure.

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#153558 - 01/04/07 10:06 AM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: tomtuttle]
sidvicious02 Offline

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Don't think the thought hadn't occurred to me, Tom! Actually though the basement is relatively light controlled, the screen would have to hang down in front of a large window to the front of the house (it's a bi-level type design). So then i'd have to start looking at backing for a screen as well as being retractable...a few too many ifs there, so i think to start with i'll go with the rear-proj and probably a couple of years down the line get into the front-proj. Too much to buy, not nearly enough dough!
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#153559 - 01/06/07 02:33 PM Re: Suggestions on a New TV??? [Re: jakewash]
ctown Offline

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Jakewash is pretty much correct in his assessment. The big thing is to know where your going to put the TV, what you like to watch and how far you will sit from it. General rule of thumb is 2.5X the diagonal length of your TV is a safe seating distance. We now find the 61" small at 14 ft, so I would say go 50" if you can.

I bought a 61" Lcos based rear projection because it would be in a living room exposed to sunlight. If I got a plasma it would have a huge glare from the reflective screen, so putting it in the basement where there is not a lot of sunlight is perfect for plasma.

Plasma image retention is rarely an issue and only if you leave images on it for extended periods of time and dont break it in properly.

Both LCD and Plasma have great viewing angles,(projection does not) but generally plasma has a shorter response time of 4ms vs. some LCD which are 8ms.....that means you may see some ghosting on fast moving images, but many LCD owners dont notice that.

My personal preference for 42 or 50" is plasma. Panny, Pioneer and Hitachi are great brands and prices are coming down. for 37" or smaller, I'd go LCD. Bang for buck is RPTV(Lcos is the superior technology) but viewing angle is a drawback.

Good luck

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