Hi folks,

Another one to go with my weirder post a second ago. Then I think my system is complete and I'll try to contribute what i learned more than asking questions.

Struggled to get any sound at all through my zone two outputs of my Denon 3806 to preamp a JVC receiver in another room. I finally read some fine print in the manual that said it will not send digital signal out zone 2 or three outputs.

Well, I didn't realy expect it to send out digital signal but I had hoped it would be smart enough to convert the CD playing into analogue before it sent it out anlogue stereo jacks.

Is this as it reads or am I stuck with anlogue inputs only if I want to send to zone 2. I know I could assign my RB and LB surrounds to an amp and send them direct to my upstairs speakers but obviously I lose a lot of the functionality I was looking for, not to mention my 7.1 setup gets reduced to 5.1. Although that doesn't bother me a whole lot. The experiment moving to 7.1 didn't impress me much over 5.1.

Thanks again and again!!!
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