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#169368 - 05/30/07 11:36 PM 6.1 surround sound
Paul_Bassi Offline
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hi, I was wondering if I would benefit from 6.1 surround sound. I have little over 2 feet of space behind me where a rear speaker can be mounted. The space of the entire surround sound being enclosed is approx ~2000 cu. ft.

Do you think that is too little of distance from the back to notice the rear speaker?


#169369 - 05/30/07 11:40 PM Re: 6.1 surround sound [Re: Paul_Bassi]
SirQuack Offline
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That is about what I have behind me. I have 4 Qs8's all hanging from the ceiling pointing downward. Two of them are to the left/right of the listening area, and two of them are spreadout behind the rear couch.

Why 6.1 and not 7.1, does your receiver not support 7.1? Some people have used just one Qs8 or Qs4 in the rear and it works good since the tweeters fire in opposite directions.
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#169370 - 05/30/07 11:53 PM Re: 6.1 surround sound [Re: Paul_Bassi]
JohnK Offline
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Probably it is, Paul. The basic point is whether there's enough room behind the listening position for a back surround effect to develop. There's no rigid requirement, and users may be satisfied with different levels of results, but a 4' rule-of-thumb minimum is often suggested. If it would be tried a 7.1 rather than 6.1 setup would be suggested, to allow for the stereo back surround processing which DPLIIx, Logic 7, etc. can do with either two or five channel material.

It may be more cost-effective to have the side surrounds a foot or so farther back than the listening position to help give a little back imaging.

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#169371 - 05/31/07 01:01 AM Re: 6.1 surround sound [Re: Paul_Bassi]
grunt Offline

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Even though I have 4 feet behind me I have done as John suggests and put my QS8s a couple feet back so that they are closer to 135 degrees rather than the standard 90 to 110. I and everyone who has heard them are amazed at how enveloping they sound. I’m not trying to talk you out of 6.1 or 7.1 but if you think you could better spend the money on another part of you system I’d think about that first. You can always add them later if you get the urge to upgrade. As Randy said, they will work that close. They have an uncanny way of just disappearing like no other speaker I’ve ever heard.

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#169372 - 05/31/07 09:29 AM Re: 6.1 surround sound [Re: grunt]
Hutzal Offline

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I agree with grunt, I have had several friends comment "Who needs 7.1 with those surrounds eh?" (talking about the QS8s).

They absolutely fill the entire room if your room is closed off at the back. I have mine about 4 feet from the back wall, the surround effects reflect like heaven off that back wall with just a 5.1 setup.
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#169373 - 05/31/07 04:34 PM Re: 6.1 surround sound [Re: Paul_Bassi]
chesseroo Offline

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I have a 5.1 setup with future expansion for 7.1.
At that time, i would have about 6" to 1' of horizontal displacement between the listening position and the rear speakers. I plan on putting the speakers up a bit and turning down the calibration 1 or 2dB below even level with the other speakers to compensate.
My initial testing is showing great promise so far.
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#169374 - 05/31/07 04:41 PM Re: 6.1 surround sound [Re: Hutzal]
Hutzal Offline

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I should add that I also pre-wired for 7.1 incase I ever build a riser in my theatre room, which is highly unlikely!
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