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#174284 - 08/13/07 12:07 AM center channel placement?
terzaghi Offline

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I posted this this in my "mounting surrounds" thread but had no response...

This question is regarding the center channel.

My TV stand has a spot for a center channel but it is not very big at ALL. I can remove this little shelf and create room for a vp150, but unfortunately this would place the center channel only 9" above the ground. (I could aim it up however.) The shelf is actually 10 inches high, so I could prop the center channel up about 2-2.5 inches some how and it would still fit on the shelf (for a 7.5" high vp-150.) This would bring the height to about 11-12 inches.

The other option is to mount the center channel above the tv. This however would place the speaker a few inches above 56" (the height of my tv + stand) and it would be mounted on a wall 19" behind my tv (since I have an LCD rear projection)

So any suggestions on center channel placement given my options?

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#174285 - 08/13/07 12:52 AM Re: center channel placement? [Re: terzaghi]
JohnK Offline
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T, the idea of mounting it above but also behind the TV should be avoided if possible. The speaker being recessed somewhat to the rear would have its output somewhat reflected/diffracted by the body of the TV. The placement below and tilted back(maybe just flipped upside-down)to point at your ears should be good. Again, don't recess the speaker; have it at least even with the front edge of the stand.

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#174286 - 08/13/07 10:26 AM Re: center channel placement? [Re: terzaghi]
nickbuol Offline

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I've had my VP150 both above and below my projection screen. I had it angled towards the listener in both cases, and I liked it below the screen better for sound. Now, you are dealing with a TV. Two things here. Above the TV, and you could get some sound issues like JohnK mentioned. Below the TV, and you are putting the center channel into a "box"... Another generally bad idea (I know that there are posts about why not to put speakers into "boxes" but the handy search function may help you out there.

Tough call. I would be leaning towards putting it under the TV, angled up. Try to have it as close to the front as possible as well. Then it will be pleasing to the eye as well. If you start getting what you think is sub-quality sound, then you may have to get it out of the box and mount it up top. I've seen links to center speaker "shelves" that actually sit on top of TV sets, even rear projection, that would bring the speaker farther forward to the front of the screen.
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#174287 - 08/13/07 11:26 AM Re: center channel placement? [Re: nickbuol]
terzaghi Offline

Registered: 04/04/07
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sounds like below it is. I do not really have to worry about the "box effect". my tv stand is open on the sides and back, the shelf the speaker goes on is not enclosed at all.

#174288 - 08/13/07 11:50 AM Re: center channel placement? [Re: terzaghi]
Stymie Offline

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Is it possible for it to sit on top of the TV?

#174289 - 08/13/07 12:50 PM Re: center channel placement? [Re: terzaghi]
HAY Offline

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I originally had mine sitting on my rptv but it was a little to heavy. I moved it to above and used the fmb and I mounted it so it would be angled down to the listener clearing the tv. This made it to high had sound was not localized correctly.

I have since put it below the tv (on a fan box while I build a stand) and flipped it upside down to angle upwards. It sounds much better and the dialog is spot on.

Definitley take the time to move it around to find where it works best.
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