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#17531 - 08/15/03 11:05 PM I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
Saturn Offline

Registered: 10/21/02
Posts: 1041
Loc: Toronto Ontario Canuck
Its hot like hell. My buildings air con is mostlikely out till Monday. Died after the blackout. I think its time for a landline. I have not have one for 10 years. I was incommunicado for 2 days.
It was great that some people took the liberty to try to direct traffic amidst the chaos. Hats off to them.
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#17532 - 08/15/03 11:45 PM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
chrono Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/24/03
Posts: 89
Loc: Toronto, ON
I was without power for about 18 hrs here in TO. and yeah, they are telling us not to use airconditioners for the next few days, and to go easy on power consumption, so it's definately hot in here!

#17533 - 08/16/03 01:25 AM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
ZeN Offline

Registered: 07/09/03
Posts: 125
Loc: San Diego, CA
We may pay through the nose here in CA, but at least they dont just shut it all off

Anyone heard yet what caused it? Ive heard everything from its Ohio's fault, to someone tripped on a wire

#17534 - 08/16/03 01:28 AM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
tinfoilhat Offline

Registered: 07/26/02
Posts: 206
Loc: BC
Cranked my amp to 11. Sorry.

#17535 - 08/16/03 06:35 AM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
FordPrefect Offline

Registered: 07/05/02
Posts: 1338
Loc: Ancaster, Ontario
Lost power for about 5 hours on Thursday, then rolling blackouts hit twice on Friday with the power being out for about ten hours. I expect more of the same today.

I can't believe how good people are being at traffic lights. I had to attend a funeral yesterday and most of the major intersections in Burlington were out. Everyone treated them as four way stops and although it was slow it was steady.

Biggest problem is lack of air conditioning, yesterday was 32c but the humidex made it feel like 37c. People in apartments have my sympathy, lets hope it gets fixed by Monday.

Initial reports today say they are looking at the Cleveland area.

Fact is the power grid on both sides of the border has been neglected for years, this was a situation that was not unexpected.

stay cool.
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#17536 - 08/16/03 11:43 AM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
Semi_On Offline

Registered: 09/18/02
Posts: 737
Loc: Scottsdale, Arizona
Out west we're running real generators instead of large hamster farms in wheels so we haven't had the same troubles.

#17537 - 08/17/03 09:50 AM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
Amie Offline


Registered: 02/06/02
Posts: 1622
Axiom was insulated in some surreal blanket - no powerouts here (okay - it went out at 2:30 am for less than an hour, but that was it.) The *one* gas station in Dwight had line ups of over 2 hours for most of the day - that is, until it ran out of gas!! But we were just fine. We use a heat pump, so we were able to even keep the airconditioning running without taxing the grid. But the real question is - where does the power come from in Dwight? North, South, East and West - power was out in every other direction. Weird, eh?
Amie Colquhoun
Axiom Audio

#17538 - 08/17/03 12:20 PM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
Haoleb Offline

Registered: 09/25/02
Posts: 1488
Loc: Maine
canada knows their most valuable export (axiom speakers) had to keep up and running, and keep making them more money. so just down the street they had about 300 government workers on treadmills running to supply the factory with power. dont you read the news?
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#17539 - 08/17/03 12:56 PM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 16418
Loc: Leesburg, Virginia
Oy! If you're going to quote the news, at least quote it correctly. It wasn't 300 government workers. It was 300 canadian star-nosed moles. Those little suckers just keep going, ang going, and...
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

#17540 - 08/17/03 06:56 PM Re: I got hit by the blackout...Did you?
nowave Offline
old hand

Registered: 09/14/02
Posts: 97
Loc: USA
Ok... I'm really curious... what is "hot like hell" ?

I'm not diminishing the severity of the catastrophe, but I am really curious what someone from the northeast terms "hot like hell." Mainly, because I've had plans to move there - but they keep getting delayed.

Here in Austin, TX the temp is usually about 110 in the shade of my porch (by the thermometer that hangs there)... I also live with window unit A/C's... if you know how those work - then you know *my* pain.

Anyway - I hope you and loved ones were safe during this. It might make you feel better that there are others that live in awful heat like that every day, and don't quite die. (I drive vintage european cars - so no a/c in those at all).


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