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#176317 - 09/11/07 06:30 PM Need some real-world help building a new system
shadowbrook Offline

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Looking to buy a new system and strongly contemplating the M60 to replace Cambridge Audio system, as well as a pair of Celestion SL600si speakers for music. Saving space in a Manhattan apartment is an issue. I'd estimate that the system will be used to play classical music, including opera, at least 50-60% of the time. So music reporduction becomes becomes more of a priority than movies. Generaly speaking, I prefer transparency and musicality in the midrange and top and a tight, crisp bass. If anything, a little reticent rather than in your face.I spend a lot of time in Carnegie Hall and the Met, and a big, aggressive, thumping bass is a sound you really don't hear that often in the concert hall, more often in the multiplex. And with neighbors upstairs and down, I often have to lower the volume on the sub. Apartment size is middling -- 12 x 14 with 12-foot ceilings, plaster vs. sheetrock walls and ceiling. How are the M60s as a music speaker, particularly classical? Too big, too small, just right? Any other recommendations? The 350 sub sounds like it might be too much of a good thing, or am I imagining? Am I better off downsizing to the 175 sub? Lastly, the center. Is the 100 adequate, or should I trade up to the 150? Unsure if that's a matter of room size and volume or clearly improved sound. I'd greatly appreciate advice. Many thanks for reading such a long post and any help you can give.

#176318 - 09/11/07 08:18 PM Re: Need some real-world help building a new system [Re: shadowbrook]
jakewash Offline
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I know there are some on here that listen to classical with M60s and love them. The EP350 is a good deal but there will be those that mention going for an HSU or similar sub from else where, which plays lower for the same price. As for the VP150 or 100, take your pick they both are great centers. I have the VP100 with M22's and it matches perfectly as does the 150 by all accounts. If there is a space issue then go with the 100 otherwise the VP150 to eliminate any what if questions.


#176319 - 09/11/07 10:36 PM Re: Need some real-world help building a new system [Re: shadowbrook]
Mojo Online   content

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I'm sure Johnk will jump in here soon as he is the big classical fan amongst all of us.

I don't believe you need floor-standers for your room size. You may want M22s (or maybe M3s if you want the sound to be more laid back). And the centre is certainly not a necessity. When I listen to music in PLII or Neo, I usually disable the centre for a more spacious centre image.

If you listen to bass or pipe organ, with the money you save on the centre and fronts, you should consider buying a DSP-based sub. The EP400 would be a good one for you given your room size.

Good luck with your purchase.

#176320 - 09/11/07 10:52 PM Re: Need some real-world help building a new system [Re: shadowbrook]
JohnK Offline
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Shadow, welcome. My own listening is over 90% classical music, plus some Broadway or Hollywood show music and music of the Orthodox or other Eastern churches. I've had my M22s for over five years now, and can assure you that they(or the M60s which have more bass extension and can play a bit more loudly)serve excellently for listening to good music. Their accuracy is sometimes misinterpreted as harshness when playing some pop items which have a boosted upper midrange/lower treble so as to be more forward and sound more impressive on mediocre equipment, but the reproduction is superb on well-recorded items, as most of the discs that I have are.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#176321 - 09/12/07 05:09 AM Re: Need some real-world help building a new system [Re: JohnK]
flhtcuibyhd Offline
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I've had my m60's for about a month now and use them for classical music and movies. They do an awesome job with classical selections. I usually turn my sub off unless I'm listening to some organ pieces.
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#176322 - 09/12/07 02:32 PM Re: Need some real-world help building a new system [Re: shadowbrook]
drew88 Offline

Registered: 09/10/06
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I'm too a classical fan, and also have M60's. I'm basically going to repeat what others have said, in that Axioms, like most mid-high end speakers, make great recordings sound as they should, and not as friendly on poor recordings. I have two Ep500's, and ALWAYS have them on for classical material. My reasoning for this is that most classical pieces(that I have anyhow) are usually lacking in the lower regions, and the 500's add a subtle weight to the music that sounds great. But with more bass intensive music, I tend to leave the subs off, as the M60's can go down deeply and cleanly. As for the EP175, I can't really comment on it, and you'll find that there is little to no literature on it online.

For the center channel, I originally had a vp100 and wasn't very happy with it, I wasn't used to it's flat, natural sound and I sent it back for the vp150. The vp150 doesn't sound much different than the 100, but I have grown accustomed to it's sound and rather enjoy it now, but I have to admit I wish there was something a little better in the Axiom line for centers.

As a side note, you didn't mention what you were using to power the speakers. I orignally had a Yamaha v2600 powering 7 channels, and was somewhat dissapointed. I looked into seperate amplification and purchased an Emotiva LPA-1($499) to power 5 channels and was extremely happy with the performance it gave me over the yammie. I was so happy with Emotiva's entry level amp that I returned it and purchased two of their 2 channel behemoths RPA-1(200wpc x 2!) and it's absolutely blown me away so far. I've only had them for a couple days but these things are keepers. Movies and music have never sounded this good before and I'm convinced that seperate amps are the way to go. I listened to The Miraculous Mandarin yesterday on SACD and was astounded by the sound reproduction, if only the music was good I may have had an eargasm.

#176323 - 09/13/07 12:10 AM Re: Need some real-world help building a new system [Re: drew88]
JohnK Offline
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Drew, maybe you got a so-so performance(Alsop?)of the Miraculous Mandarin(good sound isn't enough), which can be very exciting at points. One that I enjoy is the Abbado disc(available from Arkiv as a re-issue)which also includes a fine Scythian Suite.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.


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