Hello Alan!
Browsing the Internet for Jamo C605 speakers I found very good reviews on Axiom products. If I only had the possibility to compare the Jamo with your Millennia M50v2 Tower. Given the information listed below please advise me if M50v2 will satisfy my choice. Do I have the choice of returning the speakers (I hope not) back to you?


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for the email. Your room is about 1,600 cu. ft, so I expect the Axiom M50 floorstanding speakers will meet your criteria perfectly. They have very good bass extension (for those organ pedal notes!) and a nice, round full upper bass that isn't boomy. And I know you'll prefer them to any Jamo speaker; the latter have lovely finishes but lack the musically wide frequency response of the Axioms. (Axioms are also available in real-wood finishes at extra cost; it depends on the wood and the finish selected.)


Just don't put the M50s in room corners, which will make any speaker sound "boomy" because of the boundary reinforcement (two walls and the floor increase bass output a lot but it's uneven and may "boom"). Yes, you have a 30-day listening trial that begins when the speakers are delivered. Should you opt to return them, you pay the return shipping by whatever courier service you choose, then you get a full refund of the purchase price (but not the return shipping, which would be modest). I also like pipe organ music and in fact use a Gothic CD (Thomas Murray playing the Yale College chapel organ) for my listening tests of Axiom speakers (and subwoofers) deep bass performance. The Gothic recordings of organ are expecially well recorded with very deep bass. I wish I could persuade you otherwise on subwoofers (they do not have to sound boomy like so many cheap ones do). The Axiom EP500 or our newly-redesigned EP350 v3 are wonderfully thrilling on organ pedal notes--and very musical. But you could always add one later on if you wish.