I just heard on the news an item of Home-Theater interest: That someone has comeout with, or is experimenting with, a "laser screen" (i.e., mini-lasers) instead of a plasma, dlp, etc. Have you heard anything about this? Is it really feasible? Is it somehow greater than 1080p? Your thoughts, as always, are greatly appreciated. Hope things are going well for you and Axiom. Me and my friends are very happy with your products. Thank you for your time.


Hello Richard,

Thanks for your comments on Axiom, and yes, things at Axiom are going very well.

The only display technology that I'm aware of that uses lasers is a projection display where the light source would be red, blue and green lasers instead of a high-intensity projection bulb. Lasers are a coherent light source so the display would use much less power and still produce the same luminance as a conventional projector bulb. It would also last much longer than the bulbs commonly used in current video projection units. The laser light source could be integrated into LCD or DLP projection devices.

There are a number of other promising display technologies already being worked on. One is OLED(Organic Light-Emitting diode), which are already being used for the tiny displays in some cellphones and camcorders. The trick is to get them made larger and affordable.

Another one is SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display), which Toshiba has demonstrated at previous CES shows in a 36-inch screen. The demo was impressive. It promises to deliver the excellent picture of a CRT but with none of the disadvantages of DLP, LCD, CRT, or plasma. Of course, it's prohibitively expensive but some years down the pike maybe we'll see a consumer version. I also heard about a new technology that can be "printed" on a film-like material for mass production.

As to resolution greater than 1080p, it becomes kind of academic, as such clarity may exceed the resolution of the human eye.

Kind regards,

Alan Lofft