I have a dedicated home theater room under construction ( 23.5L X 14.5W X 8.5H ). It will have two rows of seating 12 feet and 18 feet from the screen, with the back row 16 inches higher on a riser. I plan to use duct liner on the first 42 inches of wall with cotton batting above that and a gom-like fabric to cover it. Front wall is duct liner with extra Roxul in the corners. M80 fronts ... 150 center ... 600 sub ... 4 qs8 surrounds

My question is if I want a minimum 7.1 surround setup, do the side speakers (QS8s) end up between the first and second row? Is there any benefit to adding a second set of QS8s just behind the second row ? (9.1, I guess)



Hello Steve,

Thanks for your e-mail.

Yes, the QS8 side surrounds do end up between the first and second row, however your rear QS8s will supply enough rear-channel "fill" to blend seamlessly with the ambient effects from the side surorunds, so that viewers/listeners in the second row won't be deprived of generous amounts of surround information.

If your room were really huge (6,000 - 8,000 cu. ft), I'd say go ahead and add another pair of side surrounds, but it's not necessary in your proposed setup.

By the way, don't overdamp the room with too much absorbing material. You want some lateral reflections from the side walls, otherwise there's a risk of the room being too "dead" sounding.

You'll have a wonderful sounding home theater when everything is in place.

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