I would like advice on the best connections between my Pioneer DVD Recorder and VCR (DVR-RT501-S) and my Yamaha AV Receiver RXV-1800B.

I have included 3 attachments showing hte front and backs of the units.

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Thanks for the attachments.

I can get you started on the connections, but you will need to read the owner's manuals for your Yamaha and the Pioneer as to specific functions and how to enable them.

I'm assuming you have a modern video display with Component Video inputs (for best video quality with DVD) as well as S-video and composite video (color coded Yellow) for VCR. If you don't have a modern video display with those inputs, then it's time to get one.

On the Pioneer rear panel, under "DVD Output", connect the three Component Video output jacks (they should be color-coded Red, Green and Blue) to the same-colored Component Video input jacks under "B DVD," at the top left corner of your Yamaha's rear panel. Use three standard coaxial RCA connectors with male plugs on each end.

Connect the Coaxial Digital Audio output (use any RCA shielded cable) on the Pioneer to the Yamaha's #2 DVD coaxial digital input towards the bottom of the Yamaha's rear panel.

Under DVD/VCR Output on the Pioneer, connect the Left (white) and Right (red) audio output jacks to the left/right audio input jacks under VCR on the Yamaha. Connect the yellow video cable from the yellow video output connector on the Pioneer (under VCR/DVD) to the yellow video input on the Yamaha under VCR IN. While you're at it connect an S-video cable from the DVD S-video out to the DVD S-video in on the Yamaha, and left/right audio cables as well.

Connect a set of three component video cables from the Yamaha's "Monitor Out" to the component video inputs on your TV video display. Always use these for best image quality. You should also connect the S-video out cable from Monitor Out on the Yamaha to your TV's S-video input. You may have to use this for VCR playback.

Connect a set of left/right audio cables plus an S-video cable and composite video (yellow) cable to the Pioneer's DVD/VCR common line in left and right audio and video inputs. Connect the other end of those to the Yamaha's VCR S-video, composite video and left/right audio output jacks.

These should get you started in playing back DVDs or VCR tapes. Use the coaxial digital input to get Dolby Digital surround soundtracks when you watch DVDs. For videotape, you may be able to use the S-video input on the Yamaha with the analog left/right audio.

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