Hello Alan,

I'm setting up a home theatre and just finished researching cables, etc. Audioholics has cleared the air, in my mind, that all this cable hoopla is just that.........Audioholics had good things to say about Axiom's down-to-earth, no BS business practices, which I really respect.

So I have decided to make my cable purchases from Axiom for my HT set-up. I still have to confirm cable lengths but have a few questions to start.

I will be running two active sub-woofers, however my pre-amp only has one subwoofer output (RCA or XLR). I would like to use the balanced XLR output but how do I connect two RCA cables to a single XLR output (is this possible)?

Will Axiom build cables to specific lengths? Or are the lengths listed on your website the only lengths available?

Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.



Hello Ian,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I'm glad you didn't get seduced by the voodoo nonsense perpetuated by exotic cable manufacturers, tweaky high-end magazines, and members of the Flat Earth Society!

My article on cables at Axiom's web site may also be helpful: Cable Myths Debunked

Unless you are planning cable runs of hundreds of feet to your subwoofers and you can run your entire system with balanced XLR connections, there are no advantages of using the balanced XLR outputs.

Just use your preamp's single RCA subwoofer output with an RCA Y-adaptor to run two shielded RCA cables to each of your subwoofers. One of your subwoofers may have an RCA output that would also allow you to daisy-chain the two subs as an alternative to using the Y-adaptor at your preamp's sub output.

Axiom does not build cables to specific lengths. Our 12-gauge speaker cable is cut in a single roll of whatever length you prefer, and then you can cut individual lengths.

The shielded cables are available in the lengths specified on our site. Sub Cables

Kind regards,

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)