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#203030 - 04/03/08 10:45 AM Fitness Thread
jakewash Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 12/26/03
Posts: 10412
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
I thought we should take the discussion from the pop thread to new one......

 Originally Posted By: nickbuol
I was reading that an "inactive" man should target 13 calories per pound of weight to maintain where they are at. An "active" man should target 15 calories per pound. Now, I know that those are just estimates, but it is interesting to see how much someone can actually eat an not gain weight. Of course this assumes they aren't eating a ton of salt or other water retaining substance, and probably dozens of other factors, but it is interesting.

I am 6'1", and according to the BMI thing, I should weigh between 144-189. Holy crap! I've got a ways to go. I weigh 30 pounds more than a guy that I work with who is 10 years younger than me, but he looks in worse shape than I do.

Well, time for some good breakfast and more water...

I fall under the same BMI index as you and I haven't weighed less than 189 since I was 16yrs old. BMI is only a guide and if you are a larger frame you can usually add 10-20 lbs to the index and still be healthy. The bigger concern is percentage of fat, I would shoot for less than 20%, ideally around 10%, lowest I have been was 208 and 8% while I was playing football about 17years of age till I was 22 when I gave up the football career at 217. My best was at 40years of age and 207lb and 11% BF a couple of years ago and I am now back up to 235lbs and I haven't bothered checking my BF as I know it is way too high\:\(.

I use a Tanita BF bathroom scale now and it has been checked to be with in 2% of BF when used correctly. I would highly recommend anyone seriously trying to loose weight to get one as it helps you realize that the weight gains are either muscle or fat.


#203039 - 04/03/08 11:42 AM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: jakewash]
michael_d Offline

Registered: 07/23/04
Posts: 4114
Loc: Up yonder
BMI is totally bogus. So are those silly bathroom scales with body fat indicators. The only way to truly measure body fat is get dunked in water (Hydrodensitometry Weighing).

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about what your body fat % is unless you have it accurately tested annually. The best method for monitoring body fat is a tape around the gut, the mirror, and monitor your weight on a weekly basis. I use Arnold’s method. Jump up and down in front of a mirror and see what jiggles. If it jiggles, it’s time to make a change. (That's Jiggle - Peter / Tom, not bounce)

I also wouldn’t put too much weight in all these recommended caloretic intake charts that are all over the place. There’s simply too many variables to take into consideration when calorie counting. Until an individual knows their body well enough to see and feel changes from what they eat and what they do, it’s only guess work.

Keep it simple. Do the math on everything you eat. Look at the calorie count on the item / thing you want to eat and figure out caloretic fat percentage. Keep fat intake under 25%, protein at 50% and carbs at 25%. If you want to put on muscle, you need to consume one – one and half grams of protein for every pound of lean bodyweight. If you are a very active person (biking, running, hiking, etc) then bump up the carbs to 50% and lower protein to 25%. Eat small portions every three to four hours a day. A portion should be no larger than the size of your fist. Exercise for at least 20 minutes in the morning before eating anything at least three times a week. If you’re trying to tone up, start out at 10 calories per pound of body weight. Monitor your weight at this calorie intake for two weeks and adjust as needed. Shoot for one pound of weight loss per week, and no more. You want to loose fat gradually, and if you cut back too far, your body will cannibalize muscle mass.

Fitness and health is a way of life, not a program. If you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have time to work out”, you’ve already lost the game and admitted defeat. You need to get into the frame of mind that everything else comes after your health. It’s OK to be selfish. It’s the only body you will get and if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else, and eventually, you end up killing yourself prematurely if you don’t take care of yourself.

Edited by mdrew (04/03/08 11:43 AM)

#203050 - 04/03/08 01:18 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: michael_d]
jakewash Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 12/26/03
Posts: 10412
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
 Originally Posted By: mdrew
BMI is totally bogus. So are those silly bathroom scales with body fat indicators. The only way to truly measure body fat is get dunked in water (Hydrodensitometry Weighing).

I will try to find the U of C article where they tested the Tanita scale against the dunking method, this is where it was discovered to be quite accurate.

The gripping ones are bogus so far as accuracy but they will give you an indication of going up or down. Key thing to remember with any of the electronic ones is to use them at the same time of day and average out readings over a week.

As for the rest of what you said I totally agree.

BTW, my coloric intake wasn't based on a chart it was based on VO2/Co2 test I took a few years back.


#203051 - 04/03/08 01:19 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: michael_d]
Ray3 Offline

Registered: 02/02/04
Posts: 2852
Loc: Rochester, NY
Yeah - I don't worry about that stuff anymore. I'm 61 years old (and STILL younger than Jack). I am 6'3" tall and weigh 255lbs.

With all of that, I can STILL do the 40 yd. dash in 4.4 minutes!

#203054 - 04/03/08 01:36 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: Ray3]
Murph Offline

Registered: 10/05/06
Posts: 6955
Loc: PEI, Canada
Just returned from the Doctor yesterday regarding my annual blood test results. My weight is good, my bad HDL cholesterol is great but she was concerned that my LDL (good cholesteral) has been creeping down every year.

I think she was looking for more of a concerned response when I said "YAY! I get to eat more peanuts!". She then said something else to me but my brain was stuck on "MMmmhhhh, more barbecued salmon...."

Being unhealthy can have it's benefits. ;\)
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.

#203058 - 04/03/08 01:51 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: Murph]
nickbuol Offline

Registered: 09/16/04
Posts: 5006
Loc: Marion, IA
I agree that people should "keep it simple". I am decresing calories, but that doesn't mean that I just eat candy bars or scoops of lard. I've been really looking at the mix of carbs, proteins, fats, etc. I've been eating healthier for all of my meals, and drinking water. I used to have a 22oz pop in the morning, another around lunch time, and then milk or water at night. Now, I am 44 ounces less on the pop, and no more "monster" glasses of milk at night. Instead of fast food lunches or hitting the local Chinese buffet, I am a 2 tuna or chicken sandwich guy on 45 calorie per slice bread with my 1 spoon of Miracle Whip (I hate mayonase anyway). Breakfast is no longer a couple of donuts or some other breakfast sandwhich from the conveinience store a block from my office, but it something from home with similar characteristics as my lunch, in fact some times it is another tuna or chicken sandwhich. Then I have a mid afternoon sandwhich again (lots of sandwhiches).

One sandwhich is 195 calories and when it is the tuna, I get my Omega 3's as well. Sure, I could have something else, but this is a step in the right direction I think.

No more fast food dinner either. That used to be what I did about 3 nights a week because our family is so busy running around everywhere, we rarely have sit down meals. Now, I opt for something a little better.

I am only a couple of weeks into this, and I need to come up with some more ideas for daily lunches and snacks.

What are some things that others are doing for their foods that are quick and easy to make and take to work?

Edited by nickbuol (04/03/08 01:52 PM)
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#203059 - 04/03/08 01:54 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: Ray3]
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 16418
Loc: Leesburg, Virginia
Ray and I are roughly the same size. The question is, where is he keeping the 30 extra pounds he has over me?
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

#203060 - 04/03/08 01:55 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: nickbuol]
Ken.C Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/03/03
Posts: 18029
Loc: NoVA
I take carrots (precut, because I'm lazy) and a PB&J sandwich to work, along with a piece of fruit. At work, I have a bag of chips or other carb type snacks that I pour into the sandwich container until it's about half-3/4 full. I drink water and juice with my lunch (well, I did until the office ran out of juice). It takes me 5-10 minutes to make the lunch at home in the morning, and I'm usually making a sandwich for my wife as well.

OTOH, I don't really have to watch my weight. Sorry, guys.
I am the Doctor, and THIS... is my SPOON!

#203063 - 04/03/08 02:00 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: Ken.C]
tomtuttle Offline

Registered: 06/20/03
Posts: 8462
Loc: Tacoma
Guys, this is a board DEDICATED to pursuits that require sitting on the couch. I've notified the moderators of your transgressions.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem

#203065 - 04/03/08 02:21 PM Re: Fitness Thread [Re: tomtuttle]
St_PatGuy Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
Posts: 7463
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
. . .says Tom as he opens another bag of potato chips. . with beer. ;\)

Like Nick and Ken, I make myself a sandwich for lunch. I started this a few years ago mainly as a way to cut my monthly expenditures. The upside is that I have almost completely lost my desire for greasy food (although I still get an occasional hankerin' for chilli cheese fries).

Nick, I don't have much in the way of lunch ideas--I'll rotate between lunch meats and PB&J. I'll usually throw in a granola bar and a little applesauce container and/or a piece of fruit.

I'm not a health nut by any stretch of the imagination, but these small differences in my diet--no more soda, and less greasy foods--has had a great impact on how much better I feel.

I've been blessed with a good metabolism that still works well for me. I'm 32 and have worn the same size pants since high school. Hopefully that'll stay the same.
"Nothin' up my sleeve. . ." --Bullwinkle J. Moose

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