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#211632 - 06/15/08 08:16 AM New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions.
Roidefromage Offline
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Hello Axiom Folks,

I am about to receive my new Epic 80/350 system (custom high gloss burled walnut, thank you very much...) and wanted some advice. I am hooking them up to my Emotiva Lpa-1 and LMc-1 and plan on using 2 subs. ( the Axiom 350v2 and my former Paradigm ps1200. My first question is about the sub. As there is only one LFE out on the preamp, should I just use an RCA splitter and connect it to the two sub cables? The Paradigm is in the back right area of the room now and I was thinking of putting the Axiom next to the front left M80. Any thoughts? Lastly, what is the burn-in time for this speaker system? Any actual owners have a thought on this?
Thanks so much, I can't wait to join the happy Axiom ranks!
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#211639 - 06/15/08 11:23 AM Re: New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions. [Re: Roidefromage]
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Congrats on the new speakers, Roidefromage!

The RCA splitter should work fine. I run multiple subs and that's what I use. As for placement, well, that's up to you. Try a few different combinations and run some frequency sweeps with an SPL meter to find out which works best.

For me, I like the subs spread out around the room for HT. I have one in the front right corner, one along the left wall, and the third right next to my seat. For music I preferred the subs up front next to the speakers.

Have fun and experiment.

Don't worry about speaker burn-in. If anything changes it will be your ears and brain adjusting to the new sound.
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#211641 - 06/15/08 11:50 AM Re: New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions. [Re: St_PatGuy]
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I thought the EP350 had a sub out on its amp. If so, I'm not certain about the v2, you can just daisy chain your Paradigm using the sub out from the Axiom. I know the v3 has the sub out feature.

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#211648 - 06/15/08 12:21 PM Re: New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions. [Re: Wid]
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I use one of these, works great. Monoprice
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#211650 - 06/15/08 01:47 PM Re: New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions. [Re: Roidefromage]
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That is a very nice finish you have chosen. Unless you put your face right up against the speakers (don't forget to wipe off the nose prints after \:\) ) you can't tell the difference between the vinyl and real wood.

I just checked, the EP350 does have an RCA line out.

Don't forget to post pics when you get them. Not many have posted pics of the HG burled walnut yet.

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#211667 - 06/15/08 09:39 PM Re: New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions. [Re: Roidefromage]
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King, welcome. You'll certainly be able to enjoy great sound with your new Axioms, and you can feel free to start the enjoyment immediately; there's no significant "burn-in" with the Axioms(or other speakers)beyond the first minute or so of use(involving many thousands of cycles)which already occurred at the factory.

A placement of your two subs directly in diagonally opposite corners should work well for you. Since your subs will be separated by quite a distance there wouldn't be an advantage to running a daisy chain from the Axiom to the Paradigm, as there would be if they were located near each other. Use a Y connector similar to the one Michael(HomeDad)linked at the sub preout and run separate coaxial cables to the sub locations.

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#211671 - 06/15/08 11:53 PM Re: New Axioms are on their way! Now a few questions. [Re: JohnK]
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After hours of trial and error, I currently have my 2 350v2's spread out along the front wall, about 10 ft apart next to my 80's. My 600 is along the side wall, behind the listening area a few feet. I've tried probably 15 different scenarios/placement, and so far this seems to give me the best overall performance and balance of low frequencies across all listening positions.

Oh yeah, as Rick mentioned, I have them all daisy chained together from my Denon 2805 line-out jack. There is no difference if you do this, or split them with some type of Y Adapter or Cable.
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