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#214662 - 07/08/08 03:41 PM Exploding Speakers
AlanW Offline

Registered: 07/08/08
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I just got my axiom system a few days ago, and I was over the moon. It included two M80s, the VP 150, two QS8s, an EP600, the A1400, and the Outlaw Audio 990 Preamp. I ran the auto setup once a few days ago, and the system worked beautifully.

Yesterday, I finally got around to wall mounting the surrounds. I ran the auto setup again. This time, things didn't work out so well. The test was normal for the front left and centre speakers, but once it got to the front right, life got interesting. Suddenly, giant sparks shot from the back of the speakers, singeing the binding posts. I was terrified. At first I thought I had blown the whole system!

With the help of Axiom's customer service, I determined that the damage wasn't as extensive as I'd first feared. The speakers were fine (thank goodness!), but I had burnt out the fuses on two of my A1400's eight channels. Axiom was extremely helpful and accomodating, sending me a new A1400 immediately and the postage to return my old one.

The lessons I've taken from this: never, EVER, will I use an auto setup again. I don't think my heart can take the stress. Also, if you're living in Canada, buying from a Canadian manufacturer with as good a customer service record as Axiom is the best way to go. Considering how expensive the shipping and customs' duties were on the Outlaw preamp, I don't even want to imagine how much it would have cost, not to mention the additional time, if this little misadventure had happened with one of their power amps.

#214667 - 07/08/08 04:17 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: AlanW]
onn Offline

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Alan W, this is a quote from Ian in regards to auto set-up from another thread. When I received my replacement A-1400 I used a spl meter instead of auto set-up
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It is funny how these things get started some times. The official statement is that the A1400 does not care what you use for an auto EQ. I think this may have gotten confused with a comment I made to a customer once about the dangers of reducing sound quality by using EQ devices in general. This customer did complain that his A1400 shut down during the set up process with his Audyssey. We brought that amp back to the lab and the 2 main fuses were blown. We changed the fuses and Tom played that amp in his system for awhile and now it has been running the music in the factory ever since. We don’t know what caused the main fuses to blow but it would not be related to the Audyssey. We asked around and found no other people who had any issue with using Audyssey or any other EQ device on the A1400.
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#214668 - 07/08/08 04:32 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: onn]
St_PatGuy Offline

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The fuses caused sparks on the back of the speakers? Yikes! How does that happen? Anyone know?
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#214671 - 07/08/08 04:45 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: St_PatGuy]
Capn_Pickard Offline

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Did Ken ever do his "lick test" experiment? Maybe he knows.

#214672 - 07/08/08 04:46 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: St_PatGuy]
EFalardeau Offline

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The fused blew because of extra power, most probably caused by a short, they were not the cause.
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#214677 - 07/08/08 04:58 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: AlanW]
HAY Offline

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When you receive the replacement make sure you do a video this time when running the set up
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#214679 - 07/08/08 05:23 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: AlanW]
pmbuko Offline
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Are you sure you didn't have a stray speaker wire bridging the binding posts in the back after you wall mounted the front right speaker? That could certainly cause the sparks.
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#214704 - 07/08/08 09:31 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: pmbuko]
Haoleb Offline

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Someday your going to look back on all this and laugh. It also makes a great story to tell!
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#214711 - 07/08/08 10:23 PM Re: Exploding Speakers [Re: AlanW]
fredk Offline

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Wow, I know getting a new system is an exciting experience, but yours sounds a little over the top!

Also, if you're living in Canada, buying from a Canadian manufacturer with as good a customer service record as Axiom is the best way to go

That was a significant factor in my decision.

Don't forget to post pics of your setup or, in your case, video. ;\)

P.S. Welcome to the forum.

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