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#225603 - 10/16/08 03:12 AM Fitting out my 10x12 room
Rizzo Offline
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Hi Guys,

Just joined on here and am in the middle of transforming my downstairs room into a dedicated theater room and am looking for some advice on which speakers would do the job for me.
Ive been reading a few posts and have been taken a back by how positive people have been talking about the Axiom speaker range.

I am looking to have a set of main speakers, center speaker and a pair of rear speakers. Ive read a bit about the QS 8s and am wondering how they would go as rear speakers or are they predominately used as side speakers in the setup.

Your advice is much appreciated.

#225604 - 10/16/08 03:34 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: Rizzo]
fredk Offline

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The QS8s can be used as both side and rear surrounds.

Can you give us a little more detail on your setup? What is the room size? Is this strictly for movies or music as well?

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#225605 - 10/16/08 03:37 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: Rizzo]
CV Offline
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You'll find better advice from people other than me, but what would help is to get room dimensions as well as details about what gear will be running your speakers and what obstacles there may be in regards to speaker placement. Since it's to be a dedicated theater, I assume that won't be a real issue. As for the QS8s, many people seem to like them just fine as rear surrounds. I have to ask, however, why you're not mentioning side surrounds in your setup.

#225606 - 10/16/08 03:50 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: fredk]
Rizzo Offline
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Registered: 10/16/08
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Firstly the room size is 21 ft by 15 ft (7mtrsx 5 mtrs)approx.

I will be using the system for movies,music snd have foxtel connected.I will be using a 50" flat screen Plasma which is mounted to the end wall. My previous setup which hasnt been upgraded in a while was using a Denon receiver ( avr-1801)
Bose speakers and Tannoy Sub. I am moving them all on for a new setup. Im in the process of searchingfor a new Receiver - must have a few HDMI inputs and atleast 1 output.

So really I still need to settle on a receiver , main-center-rear speaker setup and a sub.

I feel you guys will have a heap of experience with all types of setups so could probably pass on better info than the man from the shop trying to make a quick sale!!

#225607 - 10/16/08 04:22 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: Rizzo]
Rizzo Offline
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I havent mentioned side surrounds as I dont think the room is big enough for mains , sides and rear speakers. Its about 7m from front to rear ( Im in Australia ) sorry about the metric speak!! Ive never had side speakers in any of my setups before so I wouldnt know how much space is required for them

#225612 - 10/16/08 05:26 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: Rizzo]
jakewash Offline
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Rizzo welcome the forum! Where in Australia are you?

I would be more inclined to run the QS8s as side surrounds and not worry about a rear channel unless you are able to keep the seating away from the rear wall by a couple of feet, in which case you could then run a 7.1 system, your room is plenty big enough for a 7.1 system or just 5.1 with side surrounds. The QS 8s give a very enveloping sound and they can be mounted in the rear or to the sides as desired but the usual way is to have them to the sides and slightly to the rear of the seating area, but as I have said this isn't set in stone.

So far as a receiver, pick one in the price range and with the features that you like. Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, Harmon Kardon are all very common HT receivers, well around here anyway. You could even go with a Sherwood Newcastle from Axiom as the S/N's are very good HT receivers as well. I had an older Denon 1804 and I recently upgraded to the 3808 which is a very good bang for the buck with network connectivty for audio streaming and firmware updates.

Just ask any questions and I am sure someone on this forum will be able to answer.


#225614 - 10/16/08 06:27 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: jakewash]
Rizzo Offline
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Thanks for the responses guys!!,
To answer a few of your questions, I live down the South of Australia in South Australia ( suprisingly enough)little place called Mount Gambier.
To be honest I hadnt heard of anything from Axiom before starting my research and had been leaning towards a Klipsch system.But from what I have been reading I have been blown so quickly towards the Axiom gear with the reviews and comments I have read so far.

With the size of the room I have I like the idea that has come up of dropping the rear speakers as I dont think I can push my viewing couch too much away from the end wall and go for QS 8s on the side wall. I really like the Denon receivers as they have given me fantastic listening and viewing over a reasonable period.

What main speakers is everyone using..I see a lot are using M80s, would these go well in this size of room or would they be oversized for the area ( power wise).I think vp100s may easily be enough for my center speakers and for the sub would it be best to go for the biggest grunt of the 500.


#225616 - 10/16/08 07:32 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: Rizzo]
DaveG Offline

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None of the Axiom speakers you've mentioned would be oversized or undesized for your room. There is definitly no such thing as too much sub.

#225617 - 10/16/08 08:29 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: DaveG]
SirQuack Offline
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Welcome Rizzo,

A lot has to do with your budget and listening habits. If you could provide a drawing or picture possibly of your room, it may help. You could also consider the m22's or m60's as well, or go for the gusto and get the 80's. \:\)

I love my 60's when I owned them, but currently have the 80's due to pressure from other members. \:\)

The Qs8's are great, and if you could position them along the side walls, to the side or slightly behind the listening position, that should work great.

The 350v3 sub is also a great sub, if budget allows, you might consider two 350's from the factory outlet, which would be close to the price of one 500. This would give you better overall flatter response across all seats. But, 1 500 would rock S. Australia. \:\)
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#225621 - 10/16/08 10:20 AM Re: Fitting out my 10x12 room [Re: SirQuack]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Welcome Rizzo!

What is your budget? This will give us a better idea on what to recommend for you.


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