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#238149 - 01/04/09 11:18 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: LT61]
BoB/335 Offline

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"Have you decided what type of speaker (e.g. detailed, neutral, laidback etc…) you prefer yet. I’ve notice you posting lots of questions in forums about very dissimilar sounding speakers. Figuring out what sound you like should help you narrow things down a bit."

Exactly! I want them to be detailed, neutral, and laidback. Does that cover it?

Really, I want a speaker that is detailed and very natural sounding yet I want it smooth enough to not give ear fatigue after listeningfor hours.

I attempted to listen to spekaers that last few days. At J&R Music I heard a pair of JBL's and a pair of Polk. The JBL's seemed brighter. The Polks had better bottom end but were a bit dull on top. They had other speakers in another terribly laid out room so I didn't bother listening to any more there.

I went to 6th Ave Electronics. They couldn't figure out how to play in 2 channel stereo through their digital board. No dialogue in movies. They were looking for some music but didn't give them another chance after wasting 20-30 minutes. Later that day went to another 6th Ave Electronics a few towns away. Saleman was having another customer listen to a pair of towers. Only one speaker working. He spent time trying to hook up the speaker wire. The room had about 10 High hat lights but only one bulb was working on the other side of the room. I happened to have a flashlight on me. He spotted another speaker wire laying on the floor and tried to hook that up to no avail. I lookes at another pair that I wanted to hear. Turns out there was no wire running to the speaker on that same side of the room. That's when I walked out of this place.
Times like that I actually miss The Wiz!

Also stopped at the place where I bought my first system 26 years ago. He has no display and only does custom installs.

I can't even find a place to check out any good speakers.

#238150 - 01/04/09 11:19 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: BoB/335]
dewd Offline

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 Originally Posted By: BoB/335
Aperion Speakers are free shipping BOTH ways. 30 day free trial. Seems to get good reviews and similar price point.

Just asking is all. There is another forum I have been visiting that seem to look down at anyone even suggesting buying a speaker without listening to it first.

Thanks for taking the time to humor me.

Why wouldn't you listen to see what you like? I happen to hate strawberry ice cream. I could ask here for opinions and maybe most will tell me strawberry ice cream is great. Still, it doesn't change the fact that I don't like it. Same thing with speakers. I could tell you Axioms are great, but who knows if YOU will like them.

I was set on B&W 683's (I REALLY liked the CM7's, too) and I liked some even more expensive FOCALS. I decided to try Axioms AFTER I listened to everything I could locally. I auditioned the M60's and liked what I heard. For the price difference, it really was an easy decision.
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#238151 - 01/04/09 11:44 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: dewd]
BoB/335 Offline

Registered: 12/26/08
Posts: 505
"I decided to try Axioms AFTER I listened to everything I could locally."

Isn't that what I just posted??? I intend to give Axioms a shot. I like everything I've read in reviews as well as forums. I need to get to listen to some speakers locally first, don't you think? I feel that I am basically in the same boat as everyone before me. I thought the idea of a forum like this is that everyone who has been there and done that are wanting (and maybe dieing) to share their experiences with others so that someone like me can learn from those experiences and keep from making some terrible mistakes. Am I missing something or doing something wrong or doing what most of you haven't already done?

#238153 - 01/04/09 11:58 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: BoB/335]
Jappy Offline

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Loc: "Near" Quebec City, Canada
I listened to many speakers in stores and I liked some Paradigms and B&W. However, I was intrigued by the Axioms (Fredk I believe, turned me to Axiom's website from another forum).

Once I got here, I figured all the reviews indeed warranted a triout for the possible price of shipping them back. Also, after lurking the forums her for a couple of days, I got the sense that people who bought Axioms were very satisfied and very loyal to the brand. At first I was worried that it might be some good old internet fanboyism but it did seem to go far deeper than that. I also could talk with some people at Axiom and their service is indeed exemplary.

Other factors I took into account: I am a scientist and having a speaker designed with a scientifc method that I can understand helped convince me. Also, comparing the design of the M80's to other, pricier speakers I listened to (bigger, more drivers) I felt my chances of getting more for my money were good (even though I know more is not always better).

Anyway, I'm no expert, but I'm shuire my Axioms sound at least as good as much pricier speakers I auditionned so I kept them. People at the company have been a great help (damaged shipping, help deciding on what to buy, etc) so I kept my Axioms and could'nt be happier that I probably much better speakers that I could afford in a store.
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#238154 - 01/05/09 12:03 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: BoB/335]
fredk Offline

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Relax Bob, you're good. It sounds like you have some real 'winner' audio places around you. \:o

Take more time to listen to more speakers. Try some higher end stuff like B&W and Paradigms. Listen to the studio 100 if you can or anything in the studio line. If you like Studios, you will like Axioms.

Me, I stumbled on the audioholics reviews, read user feedback, learned about frequency response charts and the like, decided what the reviewers said matched the 3rd party charts, listened to some speakers including PSB, Totem and Paradigm Studios, liked the studios, listened to Axioms (at the factory) bought, never looked back.

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#238158 - 01/05/09 12:40 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: dewd]
jakewash Offline
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 Originally Posted By: dewd

...... and I liked some even more expensive FOCALS.
Me too, I really, really liked the Profile 928's but at ~$5000, way out of my league. My M80s are great for their price.


#238162 - 01/05/09 12:58 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: jakewash]
bridgman Offline

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I bought Axioms without hearing them but started with a pair of M2s for a music system.
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#238167 - 01/05/09 01:35 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: jakewash]
grunt Offline

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 Originally Posted By: BOB/335

I thought the idea of a forum like this is that everyone who has been there and done that are wanting (and maybe dieing) to share their experiences with others so that someone like me can learn from those experiences and keep from making some terrible mistakes.

Those of us who have been asking that you go out and listen to speakers and report what you liked and didn’t like are not getting on your case but are trying to share our experiences with you. However, we can’t share our experience with how speakers sounded to us without a common reference. If you reported back that certain Focal or Paradigm speakers were to bright for you than I would steer you clear of certain Axiom models.

The most important experience I can share with you is not to make the mistake I almost did and buy the first good speakers you listen to or the ID brand that happens to be the flavor of the month in the forums. Like Fred I came across Audioholics and learned about Axiom and the importance of demoing speakers. I’m sure I would have gotten speakers I’d have liked but now I have speakers I love.

Bad luck on your local dealers. I hate shopping on a good day and it sounds like you had a pretty bad one. If you can’t hear anything similar to Axioms locally rather than order a full setup you might consider ordering a couple M22s. They sound very similar to the M80s and won’t cost much to ship back if you find them to bright. If you like them you can always take advantage of Axioms upgrade program and move up to towers if you don’t think bookshelves and a sub will be enough.

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#238170 - 01/05/09 02:47 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: LT61]
Graeme L Offline

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Loc: Perth Western Australia
I am like others here, I bought with out hearing based on a lot of research on the net, Reviews etc, then I searched for negative reviews and couldn't find any.
I emailed Axiom with my layout and they emailed back suggesting a system and to my surprise, it wasn't the top tear stuff, it was middle of the road that they suggested. That in itself swayed me.

They recommended QS4's I bought QS8's, EP350 I bought EP500 and the VP100 I bought the VP150.
I could not be happier with them.

Alan has a lot of information on this site and he also helps out in these forums. Plus all these terrific people on this forum are always happy to help in anyway they can.

#238171 - 01/05/09 03:02 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: Graeme L]
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 Originally Posted By: Graeme L
Plus all these terrific people on this forum are always happy to help in anyway they can.

Will someone please hijack this before it gets out of hand? \:\)

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