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#2497 - 04/09/02 11:35 AM banana plugs v spades v pins

All, I was wondering what everyone's feelings were on using bare wire (ouch), banana plugs, spades, or pins. I just got my Epic 80 in and am waiting on my Sound King 12gauge to come in and was just wondering which one people like best and which brand/model they use...thx

#2498 - 04/09/02 01:46 PM Re: banana plugs v spades v pins
ravi_singh Offline

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it has been my experience that unless you use very good terminators, bare wiring is actually a great solution. I compared bare wire to banana plugging on my system, and there was a difference. Bare wire sounded much better.

I hear Kimber and Cardas make good spades and banana's, but don't my word on that. This is just what I have heard from other places on the net, and not with my own ears

give bare wire a try, you never know...

#2499 - 04/09/02 03:59 PM Re: banana plugs v spades v pins
jonesr Offline

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I aws goign ot get some monster quick connect banana plugs. No tools needed and they don't pull out. A coworker jsut got some and like them. I am probably only going to use them on the receiver end because of the cable managemnt is easier that trying to use bare wire or spades in such a tight area. Probably leave bare wire on the speaker end.

#2500 - 04/09/02 04:31 PM Re: banana plugs v spades v pins
ravi_singh Offline

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yes, I know what you mean by managing the speaker wire in the amp. It's very hard to get the bare wire inside the amp! But I managed, I was sick of using the banana plugs. I did notice signal loss. Plus, I save money by not having to buy 5 pairs.

It is also a very good idea to bare wire the speaker. Axiom speakers are terrific for bare wiring!

If you get the chance, try putting one speaker completely bare wire and one with the banana plugs, and hear the difference. Tell us what you think!

#2501 - 04/09/02 07:14 PM Re: banana plugs v spades v pins
b_man Offline
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I too am using Soundking 12gauge wire in my system. I terminated the wire with Dayton Audio banana plugs. They are easy to use and everything sounds great. And they are fairly inexpensive. At you can pick up a four pack (two black/two red) for only $6.95.


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#2502 - 04/09/02 09:12 PM Re: banana plugs v spades v pins
lando622 Offline
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Thanks for the heads-up on the banana plugs... great price for a good product.

#2503 - 04/10/02 07:26 PM Re: banana plugs v spades v pins
BBIBH Offline

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The ultimate answer is that it will depend on the ease of connection you require. While all methods are capable of providing sound transfer, mechanical stability is another matter. Properly connected to the cable, the connectors you mention will all be suitable.

The ease of connection portion is such that if you plan to move pieces around - reconnecting many times - you may want to look at banana connectors - they can be manipulated with one hand. Spades are a little more difficult and time consuming.

Standards are another issue, as spades are not made to a single size standardization. Banana's are closer to standardized, but not completely. This is important because you require a solid connection. I have seen people tighten the binding posts and sheer the lesser brands off of the speaker cabinets requiring repairs to the speakers - not a good way to treat your speakers!

I would be very hesitant to leave bare wire exposed and connected. This is more from a safety prospective than audio quality. I also suggest using proper soldering techniques when assembling the cables and connectors. This ensures proper mechanical and electrical stability. Brands are somewhat similar, and you can buy cheap or expensive models. Pins are a lesser choice in my opinion. WBT makes an excellent range of connectors.



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