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#255425 - 04/03/09 08:50 PM Re: Headphone recommendations [Re: BlueJays1]
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I'm curious to hear your take on the difference between the stock pads and the Grado bowls.
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#255478 - 04/04/09 09:42 AM Re: Headphone recommendations [Re: doormat]
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No report yet? They must be keeping Doc busy \:\)

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#255707 - 04/06/09 09:10 AM Re: Headphone recommendations [Re: Wid]
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Perhaps he can't hear us. We'll have to chat louder.

Where is the report???
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#255766 - 04/06/09 07:27 PM Re: Headphone recommendations [Re: Murph]
BlueJays1 Offline

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I am enjoying them! I have been using the MS1 with late night video gaming and music. My main criterions before buying headphones were able to use them without an external headphone amp, comfort and neutrality. I have used two sources which have been my computer using the 1/8 input and my Denon avr using the 1/4 adaptor through the headphone input. Both of which can power the MS1 to levels I would not normally listen to, making them easy to power. Both sources are dead silent and I get no hissing/humming or any other unwanted noises through the headphones.

The MS1 are comfortable but there was a getting use to period. Currently I am using the stock pads (comfies). The first time I put them on I felt some pressure in my head within the first hour. I wasn’t too surprised because my head is not used to having devices clamped to it. Over the next few days I did some slight adjustments and I actually find them quite comfortable now with no pressure feeling even after extended use. On a few occasions while focusing on something else I sometimes forget they are even on. I also have the bowl pads but have not used them yet.

I am seriously thinking about getting an extension for the cord. With computer use it is not an issue and it is too long but when using the Denon the cord length is “just” long enough to the seating position. If I would recline in the chair all the way the chord is taught and there is the possibility of the cord could rip out from the input. I would rather have a bit of length and drag the cord along the ground. I have also noticed were the Y begins to separate the left and right cable, the two cable twist onto one another. It’s not causing any problems other than a slight cosmetic indentation on the outside jacket where both cables touch each other.

Sound Quality
Bass is tight and accurate. Not over exaggerating nor overpowering the presentation. The last thing I wanted was a boomy sounding headphone. Some people might find it “weak” but to me it’s “just right”. The midrange is more pronounced, vocals /dialogue and guitars are especially sweet sounding. The MS1 have plenty of detail but I would like more emphasis on percussion instruments such as the high hat and crash cymbal for example. I am hoping to squeeze a little more detail out of them. I have read few subjective opinions that switching from the comfies to bowl pads will add more detail to the sound but I am not sure if that is the case or not (snake oil???).

This is my first “real” pair of headphones so I have nothing to compare them to other than stock headphones that came with tape walkmans from the 80’s and portable c.d players. Overall I find the MS1 an excellent sounding headphone that offers an extremely well balanced and neutral presentation. Now I need a headphone stand .

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#255795 - 04/06/09 10:10 PM Re: Headphone recommendations [Re: BlueJays1]
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Doc, you can of course get a reasonably accurate idea if you're in a danger zone on sound level by positioning an SPL meter about a half inch from the pad while playing the material at the volume setting in question.

Since Grado supplies the flat pads with the 60/80/125, it would seem that the driver is designed to work best with the attenuation of the pad material over it taken into account. If the "bowl" or "doughnut" pad is used instead, presumably the upper frequencies will become more prominent(good or bad) because of the lack of attenuation without the intervening pad material.

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