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#257070 - 04/16/09 12:55 PM The Monster strikes again
jakewash Offline
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#257105 - 04/16/09 02:59 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: jakewash]
davekro Offline

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Jay, aren't you worried you could get sued for mentioning the name that is to remain nameless? (not Bose this time) \:D \:D

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#257119 - 04/16/09 05:07 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: davekro]
Adrian Offline

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If anyone owned the "rights" to the word "Monster", I would have thought that it would be Universal Studios who had a whole series of "Monsters"....Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon ect. I'd LMAO if Universal decided to sue the whiny a$$ off of THAT cable company!
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#257121 - 04/16/09 05:17 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: Adrian]
Joe_in_SC Offline

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I feel bad for any company with the Monster name. They are running the risk of being associated with Monster Cable and having their good reputation sullied.
Monster Cable's tactics are despicable. I think I have one old Monster cable in my system still. I'm very tempted to cut it up and mail it to Noel Lee.
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#257123 - 04/16/09 05:28 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: Joe_in_SC]
Ray3 Offline

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On the other hand, these guys may be smarter than we think. This is some seriously cheap publicity that gets their name out in a big way. Most of their lawsuits seem to die after a short period of media sensationalism.

I can't put my hands on them, but I've seen two quotes along the lines of "there is no such thing as bad publicity" and"I don't care what they say about me as long as they publish it".

It may turn some customers off, but it also introduces Monster to a bigger customer pool everytime they do it. Could you imagine how much they could sell if they lined up their pricing (much lower) to match the performance of their products?

#257125 - 04/16/09 05:38 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: Ray3]
RickF Offline

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Ray has a very good point.

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#257127 - 04/16/09 05:53 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: RickF]
Spoiler Offline

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Nice, Rick!
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#257128 - 04/16/09 06:04 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: RickF]
BlueJays1 Offline

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I totally disagree. This type of publicity is very bad for them. The owner of that company would not have dropped the lawsuit against moster mini golf and paid for their legal fees if he did not believe the press they were receiving was not detrimental to their company. I think they are finally realizing they can not continue with these frivolous lawsuits because damage control is becoming so overwhelming.
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#257129 - 04/16/09 06:06 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: BlueJays1]
danmagicman7 Offline

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Are we sure Noel Lee doesn't have a menstrual cycle?

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#257130 - 04/16/09 06:12 PM Re: The Monster strikes again [Re: danmagicman7]
medic8r Offline

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