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#372141 - 04/05/12 07:48 AM Re: So what are you dreaming of tonight? [Re: CV]
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The first part sounds equally spooky Charles. I think I'd prefer fear of the unknown verses spilling, berry pie entrails. It made me visualize the murder of the Pillsberry Dough Boy.
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#397847 - 10/15/13 10:54 AM Re: So what are you dreaming of tonight? [Re: CV]
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The Science of Ungentlemanly Pursuits

Weird dream time. I was dreaming I was attending a holiday church service (not sure which holiday, but it was bright and sunny out) with my friend, feeling out of place, as they were making me feel unwelcome. Even little kids were coming up to me and saying I shouldn't be there... while the service was going on. Then there was some musical they were putting on. I felt like I was supposed to be part of it for some reason, so I ran up to the stage and booked it up a stairway that everyone was dancing up. I didn't really dance, but I paused a couple of times in an effort to make it look like I was following some tiny bit of choreography.

But I still felt uncomfortable, wasn't really sure why I was there. I decided to take off early. I couldn't find my friend, and he drove, so I was headed back to the vehicle to wait for him there. Some of the people had already started the potluck that was scheduled for after the service, though, and I ran into that on the way out. Suddenly there was this plastic-looking bug that popped up, a little bigger than a fist. It was flying around and without warning, curled up and began spinning while spraying SOMETHING around on everyone, me included. There was a LOT of spray. It was drenching me and kept getting me in my eyes. Naturally, we were all freaking out, since we had no idea what it was.

After the bug did it a second time, it uncurled and fell to the ground, the plastic armor falling off to reveal a tiny man.

I was suddenly researching it on the internet, and I stumbled onto a video about a scientist who was doing some off-the-wall research. I forget (or don't understand) how it was supposed to work, but I remember there being maybe 14 helicopters as well as men that were put into this compactor. It had a switch on the outside with "God" as one setting and "Opt Out" as the other. "Opt Out" was selected, but it was supposed to mean that no one was asking for God's intervention, that these things were going to be crushed together in this chamber, and God could do what he wanted without the influence of anyone's wishes.

Well, apparently some kind of intervention took place, because these miniature flying men were the result.

That's when I woke up.

#397854 - 10/15/13 03:02 PM Re: So what are you dreaming of tonight? [Re: CV]
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Wouldn't you know, I also had a strange dream last night.

I was driving somewhere in Los Angeles with my dad. We were en route from a hotel to somewhere we needed to be and it was around lunch time. We were passing a Legal Seafood restaurant located in a strip mall and my dad asked me to stop so he could check out the fish special. (Now, if you know LA, you know it's filled with strip malls. If you know Legal Seafood, you know they're not located out west. You also know they wouldn't likely be found in a strip mall.)

So, I park the car and we see that the restaurant is actually on the second floor of the strip mall. My dad (in real life) has post-polio syndrome so he's on crutches and doesn't do stairs. Luckily we find an elevator, so everything's fine. We get out of the elevator on the top floor and a waiter meets us there, asking if we'd like to be seated. My dad asks if it's ok to just see the menu and the waiter says "Of course, please follow me."

He leads us over to a ledge overlooking the courtyard on the first floor. There's a carpet-wrapped balance beam across the ledge. The waiter points across the gap to where there's a table with a pile of menus. I'm thinking, "Gee, thanks," but my dad hands me his crutches, gets down on all fours, and starts to crawl out onto the beam.

Before I have time to process the ridiculousness of the situation, my dad loses his grip and falls down into the courtyard with a thud-- probably a 12-15 foot drop. I say, "Oh, great!" and run down the stairs to check on him. He's motionless, flat on his stomach, eyes open and dazed. His body looks like it's made out of clay and has spread out slightly after the impact.

In real life, practically every time my dad has fallen -- even from a trip -- he has broken his leg, so I'm pretty worried in the dream. I ask him if he's ok, thinking the worst, then he slowly starts to move, and eventually stands up under his own power. (I left the crutches upstairs.)

That's pretty much all I remember. I probably woke up shortly after that.
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#398003 - 10/20/13 12:29 PM Re: So what are you dreaming of tonight? [Re: CV]
CV Online   confused
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Ahh, it's already starting to fade, but I'll tell you the end. I was in some kind of race/competition, on a team with my sister. The other contenders for first place were Danny McBride and some male pornstar that someone said they had only seen on "Celebrity Jackass." (Part of the dream involved looking him up on IMDb and scrolling through pics of him looking pumped.) My sister and I were the first to cross the finish line, but for whatever reason, no one thought it counted. The applause went up when Danny and his companion crossed a little while later.

Oh, rewind a little. Both of our teams were sitting around a campfire the night before, and we decided that whoever finished first didn't matter, that it would come down to a performance competition in which we would, through song, dance, and speech, try to most strongly engage the audience's sense of nostalgia for '80s and '90s pop culture.

So after Danny's team crossed after us and were being hailed as the winners, he went up to the stage to accept and failed to mention the agreement we'd made the night before. So I went up and grabbed the microphone and made the audience aware of the face that we'd technically finished first. Some heckler I couldn't see said, "Technically, you didn't," so I replied with, "No, technically, I did... [long duh of a pause] and I know technical, because I watched an ITC [sic] commercial back in the day."

Danny wasn't having it. He wanted their victory to stand, so he was getting riled up and trying to get the audience firmly on his side. But of course I kept taunting him to get him to admit the agreement. I called him a "vegetable's vagina," for some reason, and I forget what else. He finally buckled, and it was on.

I started it off with song by belting out, "I like to siiiiiiing, because it's funner than noooot..." and I sort of trailed off, because I couldn't quite figure out how this was reminiscent of the '80s and '90s.

Danny didn't even get his turn, as I woke up.

There was a whole other dream where I got a new apartment (which was crappy), and it was on the second floor. The walls and floor didn't seem very thick, so I was very concerned about being able to utilize my sound system. I was going to talk to each of my neighbors to help me test what I could get away with, but again, that dream ended without any resolution.

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