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#295642 - 03/09/10 01:47 AM Friggin' RROD AGAIN!!
Kruncher Offline

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So yesterday I figure that I'll reward myself after having posted what I thought was a cute little bit about Scaredy Squirrel on my site, I head to the man-cave to continue my long-since-last-played Modern Warfare campaign on the 360.

No joke, less than 2 minutes in, it locks up on me and I get the RROD immediately thereafter. This is almost exactly 50 weeks since receiving the replacement console after sending in my first deceased 360.

If I'm lucky I get to play for an hour a week, and lately I've often gone two to three weeks without playing at all. I could almost understand it, even almost accept it, if I'd worn the damn thing out, but seriously...

Right peeved.

#295643 - 03/09/10 02:04 AM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: Kruncher]
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#295654 - 03/09/10 07:47 AM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: CV]
terzaghi Offline

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The drama will only continue... I'm on my 6th xbox 360 now! I feel your pain!

Call MS and ask to speak to a resolution specialist since this is a multiple failure for you. Tell them you want some concessions for the trouble.

They'll offer you some crappy 4 year old games.. ask what else they have. You can get a wireless controller, vision cam, ect. Next time I'm asking for a freaking wireless N adapter.

Oh yeah, don't forget to ask for overnight shipping (although they typically reserve this for 3rd or greater repairs.

#295666 - 03/09/10 10:23 AM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: terzaghi]
ClubNeon Offline

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Oops, replied to the wrong thread. Too anxious to play FF13. \:D

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#295678 - 03/09/10 01:03 PM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: ClubNeon]
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I'm still happy with my PS2 for my console needs :p

#295690 - 03/09/10 02:14 PM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: Redo]
Listener Offline

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Wow. Are these XBOX 360 problems common? Glad I went with the PS3.
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#295692 - 03/09/10 02:28 PM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: Listener]
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PS3 has it's problem too, but yes it is pretty common. I am on my third 360 as well (in 4.5 years).

#295703 - 03/09/10 03:26 PM Re: Friggin' RROD AGAIN!! [Re: Listener]
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 Originally Posted By: Listener
Wow. Are these XBOX 360 problems common? Glad I went with the PS3.

Early units are suspect for RROD problems, and replacements are refurb units (eg early units repaired). My bro's first gen 360 RROD'd, I fixed it and gave it away (bitch to open without warping some of the plastic with a flathead). The new one he bought has been flawless, and it is a MUCH quieter unit.

I still think these consoles are pressing the limits of heat dissipation in such a small box. There's a reason why PC gear has such extravagant cooling options.


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