In my second year of school we moved off campus and rented a house. Three guys and a girl. So go figure, the girl was a complete slob but she had hot friends so the rest of us didn't mind to much.

Her biggest problem were dishes. She'd only do them about twice a week and it was a little disgusting. One week she made chili in an electric fry pan and when she was done she filled it with water to "let it soak an make it easier to clean". Four days with this cess pool sitting on the counter. We kept telling to clean the damn thing. Then she went away on a work term for 6 weeks and the fry pan was still sitting on the counter.

The three of us took the experiment in biologics to her room and placed it in the middle. We then sealed off all the return air ducts, registers, windows and finally her door. That room was so tightly sealed you could have removed asbestos from it.

Six weeks pass, she comes home and holy @#($*%#( the smell was unbelievable and had permeated everything in there.

Luckily we moved out that weekend as school was done for summer.

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