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#299077 - 03/28/10 05:45 PM 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3
keithd Offline

Registered: 03/28/10
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Loc: Dublin, Ireland
Hi all,

Hope you can assist before I call them at the office in the morning. I have a 2.5 year old setup includes M60s,150,QS8 & EP350.

I was watching UP on bluray earlier on and all was fine. During the thunderstorm scene all of a sudden there was a loud bang/'pop' (may have been in the movie though \:\) ) and then the sub started making a really horrible noise which I can only describe as a clapping/rattling type noise as if the cone was loose. This noise can be heard now when ever alot of LFE is happening!

Doesn't sound good, right? Any ideas?

#299079 - 03/28/10 05:47 PM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: keithd]
Wid Offline

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A call to Axiom is in order. Sounds like a bad driver.

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#299081 - 03/28/10 05:50 PM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: Wid]
Ken.C Offline
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Yup, sounds like a physical problem with the driver. Definitely call Axiom.
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#299087 - 03/28/10 06:09 PM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: Ken.C]
keithd Offline

Registered: 03/28/10
Posts: 7
Loc: Dublin, Ireland
Thank you both for the speedy replies. I took a video so you could hear it but it would have to be the time when youtube is performing maintenance so I can't upload it right away., I'll reply with the link later and also when I call them tomorrow. Thanks again

#299090 - 03/28/10 06:24 PM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: keithd]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Welcome to the forums keithd.

Blu-ray can have a lot of dynamic range and demanding LFE. I am not familiar with the UP blu-ray though. I would first check your settings in your receiver, particularly your subwoofer pre-out level in your receiver ( I wouldn't have it set past +4). This can be set too high and can issues such as you are experiencing - sending a distorted signal which is causing the flapping/rattling/clapping.

This issue can also be caused by loose screws securing the driver, amp or even having a defective driver like which has been previously mentioned.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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#299120 - 03/28/10 08:57 PM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: BlueJays1]
SirQuack Offline
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It is possible you were running the sub to "hot" as we call it, and overworked the driver during that specific scene. Was the sub calibrated with the other speakers to the same SPL? Anyway, the answer as the others have noted would be to call Axiom.
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#299166 - 03/29/10 03:38 AM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: keithd]
keithd Offline

Registered: 03/28/10
Posts: 7
Loc: Dublin, Ireland

#299168 - 03/29/10 03:50 AM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: keithd]
fredk Offline

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Sounds like you bottomed the driver causing some dammage.

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#299177 - 03/29/10 09:20 AM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: fredk]
HAY Offline

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I clicked on some of the other links that came up and holy sh@t this one goes LOW.... make sure your volume is down low.

I was in my computer area beside my ht room and when bass goes under 20hz (if memory serves) it vibrates the ceiling and furnace room like crazy.

I would like to hear how the EP800 does with this yikes!
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#299198 - 03/29/10 12:44 PM Re: 'Clapping' sound from EP350 v3 [Re: HAY]
CV Online   confused
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Nice. \:\)

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