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#300084 - 04/03/10 01:16 AM I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom
wilwom Offline

Registered: 11/08/04
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...for their HT speakers that is. They are a great value proposition and the service couldn't be better. Anyone who reads the forums for awhile can't miss that there are many satisfied customers.

I would not recommend Axiom for their subwoofers though. They seem overpriced and perhaps new models ship before they are fully tested. Again you just have to read the boards to confirm that. It seems to me their reputation and P&L might have been better off to stay out of the subwoofer market altogether. It's just an opinion and that's why I posted in the water cooler.

What do you think?

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#300086 - 04/03/10 01:32 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: wilwom]
pmbuko Offline
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Nah, you certainly shouldn't recommend anything that you don't have confidence in. To be sure, the EP800 amp issue was a doozie, but Axiom has done right by their affected customers. The ones who are forum regulars have posted so.

Also, many forum members agree with you that the subwoofers are on the expensive side, and have voted with their wallets by buying other brands. You'll often see SVS and Hsu recommended as alternatives (although perhaps not as much as in the past).

I don't agree that they should not have entered and/or should leave the subwoofer market altogether. Subwoofers are speakers -- which Axiom excels at making -- and amps -- which Axiom has proven to be more than competent at making -- all in one box. Seems like a natural marriage, to me.
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#300088 - 04/03/10 01:42 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: pmbuko]
CV Offline
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While the troubles I've encountered with Axiom's subwoofers makes me think they are priced a little above where they should be, I agree with Peter that they should certainly still be in the game. I think they do have something unique to offer in their DSP subs, and I look forward to continued refinement of their ideas. On the other hand, that could get expensive. Maybe they should stop with the EP800.

#300094 - 04/03/10 03:48 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: CV]
jakewash Offline
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Even though I am an SVS sub owner I still recommend Axiom subwoofers, the ones I have heard and know they work well. For some cost is not an issue or they want all their speakers to match aesthetically, for this reason alone Axiom needs to be in the sub market to ensure sales to certain individuals.

I really enjoy the way Axiom's subwoofers sound, but for me the extra cost was the main reason I went elsewhere.
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#300096 - 04/03/10 04:04 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: jakewash]
Worfzara Offline

Registered: 07/25/05
Posts: 738
Loc: London area, Ont, Canada
I have had my EP500 for five years now, never had an issue with it. It actually works a little too good. I would love to get a 2nd one, but it fills my 16' x 24' x 9' dedicated HT room with so much clean, tight, musical bass, my wife won't let me, she doesn't see a need, and frankly, I am not necessarly conviced it would make that much difference either. I have never regretted any Axiom purchase, but the EP500 is always a topic of conversation when I have friends over.

I can't imagine what a 600, 800 or even multpiles of these sub woofers would be like in my room. But I guess everything is relative.


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#300099 - 04/03/10 06:45 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: Worfzara]
Wid Offline

Registered: 06/22/03
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I've wrote many times about how I feel about Axiom subs, I would look elsewhere, and did, for another brand.

As for their speakers, I think they are a heck of a deal for the money.

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#300101 - 04/03/10 07:20 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: Wid]
fredk Offline

Registered: 12/06/07
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Loc: Canada
I suspect there as a large part of the buying public that picks up the whole system from on vendor.

Its not always about absolute performance. If it were, everyone would be building their own sub.

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#300105 - 04/03/10 08:23 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: fredk]
Adrian Offline

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I agree Fred. I think my next sub would be a DIY.
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#300109 - 04/03/10 09:01 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: Adrian]
BlueJays1 Offline

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If someone is new to audio or is just looking for audio companies I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Axiom. They are a competently run organization employed by some fine people and have some great products to boot. I do agree that the subwoofers are priced high and I have even mentioned this in the Axiom customer survey. I believe there are ways to remedy this without slashing the MSRP. I have recommended to them different pricing structures for multiple subwoofers and allowing savings to be passed onto the consumer in these instances. The more subwoofers purchased the greater the savings. With all the acoustic research that is out there on the benefits of multiple subwoofers, it is not only great business to encourage customers to buy multiple subwoofers but it also based on the notion of providing the maximum/best performance as well. The company benefits and so does the consumer.

My 2 cents.
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#300111 - 04/03/10 10:00 AM Re: I don't hesitate to recommend Axiom [Re: BlueJays1]
SirQuack Offline
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I've owned 5 different Axiom subs since the beginning, and have never had a problem. Well, I did have to replace one amp, but that was due to shipping damage, hardly Axioms fault. They have all performed great and I don't find them expensive in comparison and the finish matches my other Axiom speakers.

In regards to the EP series, I don't see other manufacturers offering the same technology using DSP controlled chips with the same power.

Axiom has had a little problem with some of the amps, but with the introduction of Andrew Welker the new design engineer who came from API, they have already addressed this issue.

Bill, to be fair, if you follow other forums, all subwoofer manufacturers have issues with their subs, including SVS, HSU, ED, etc.

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