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Poster Pitbull24 Offline
Posted 04/10/10 12:00 AM
Thank You to everyone who has offered advice over the past six months. I did have to sacrifice a little due to WAF, like the couch blocking the FR & how does everyone like the play area underneath Al Pacino? Everything sounds great, my next step is to figure out how to get two more QS8's in the mix for rear surrounds. The french doors may pose a problem.....
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#301179 - 04/10/10 02:06 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: Pitbull24]
St_PatGuy Offline

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Nice looking room, Pitbull24!

Yeah, the Scarface poster above the play area is priceless. \:D
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#301202 - 04/10/10 07:32 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: St_PatGuy]
Wid Offline

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That's a really nice room, congrats.

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#301206 - 04/10/10 09:22 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: Wid]
EFalardeau Offline

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#301224 - 04/10/10 10:52 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: EFalardeau]
SirQuack Offline
shareholder in the making

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I bet that room sounds awesome, it sure looks awesome.
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#301227 - 04/10/10 11:30 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: SirQuack]
chesseroo Offline

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It does look good, i like the flat screen mounting, very seemless, although the room looks crowded with speaker placement near the walls; no real room for much adjustment.
I would have gone with a smaller speaker, possibly M22s on the walls, mounted with the VP150 underneath.
For the wife, it frees up the space on top of the media rack for a nice plant.
For the subs it gives you room to adjust and room to shift the M22s on the walls before mounting.

The M80s are often plugged just because of the usual reasons (top of the line therefore must be the best, most expensive, bragging rights, etc. etc.), but in this instance, i honestly think they are too large for the room. Certainly their extended bass is not required given the two subs that you have in the mix.
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#301228 - 04/10/10 11:35 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: SirQuack]
BobKay Offline

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Indeed it is awesome! I guess if one must die by spouse-i-cide, it should be for that reason and in a comfy chair 9' from that wall! "Tear down the walls, bruthas and sistahs!"

P.S. Pitbull (I had 4 at once for years), re: furniture placement domestic compromise (FPDC herein). I put clear sliders on all the furniture so, when I have enough time alone, I can shuffle it all around to suit my ears.

Edited by BobKay (04/10/10 11:38 AM)

#301230 - 04/10/10 11:47 AM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: chesseroo]
BobKay Offline

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Chesseroo: That's like walking into a friend's art opening and immediately telling him that the frames look bad. Ya Kanadian Killjoy, you.
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#301234 - 04/10/10 12:08 PM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: BobKay]
Pitbull24 Offline

Registered: 03/24/10
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Thanks for the feedback guys! The room does sound great, to my ears anyway.
Bob, we have three right now, we love 'em. Thanks for the furniture coaster suggestion; I have room to slide the couch back so that may be handy.
Chesseroo, your opinions are noted, and I agree with some of what you state. The pics do not necessarily do the room justice; it does look a bit crowded, but we do this for how it sounds and hope it looks good as well! I went with the 80's so not to be bit by the upgrade bug, or have to upgrade if & when we move and I get a larger room. I have not pushed them too much yet, so as for now I do not feel they over power the room. I appreciate you looking & taking the time to offer your thoughts, we're all entitled to speak. I know where you stand based on the plant suggestion???? You can't expect me to not fire back!

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#301241 - 04/10/10 12:51 PM Re: My 1st dedicated HT [Re: Pitbull24]
jakewash Offline
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Looks good and you are correct in stating the M80s do not over power the room it is the 2 subs that LOOK to over power the room as they take up that space between the M80s. No speaker will ever over power a room, only the operator can do that. Possibly using the subs as end tables for the couch or back in the play area might help with the visual appearance across the front and allow the M80s a little more room to the side walls.
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