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#306773 - 05/16/10 04:29 PM 4810 with a BDP-83...HELP.
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I am currently trying to setup my new 4810 receiver with my new BDP-83 BD player. Somebody had written something on here but I can't remember where, that it is better to have the BDP-83 do the video processing.

What I am stuck on is how to setup the receiver and BD player to allow me to do this.

Anybody out there able to help?


#306778 - 05/16/10 04:48 PM Re: 4810 with a BDP-83...HELP. [Re: HTGEEK]
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This is batpig's site, which you will want to have since you have a 4810. It is very helpful and detailed. I pulled the following info from there and it should answer your questions.

Video Conversion settings are INPUT SPECIFIC and can be set individually by input in the Input Setup menu.
i/p SCALER: This setting turns the scaling functions of the receiver on or off. Note that unless you have a 1910/790 or higher (on current models) or a 3808CI or higher (on older models) you can only scale analog video! On these "analog only" models, there is no scaling or processing at all on HDMI inputs, this settings and all the other video processor settings apply ONLY to analog-to-HDMI transcoding. If you do have a model which can scale HDMI video, the i/p scaler will have three settings: "OFF", "ANALOG", or "ANALOG and HDMI".

RESOLUTION: When the i/p SCALER is turned on, this setting determines the output resolution of the video signal. If you want to output at the highest resolution that your TV accepts, just leave this on the default, "Auto". Note that if your model can process/scale HDMI video (e.g. 1910/790 or higher), there is a separate resolution setting for analog versus digital video.

PROGRESSIVE MODE: Just leave this on "Auto" unless you are experiencing any weird artifacts. Different types of video material can have different "frame rates" -- for example film is shot at 24 frames-per-second (FPS), whereas video is shot at 30 FPS. However, your display has a frame rate that is a multiple of 60 -- typically 60Hz, but with new LCD's 120Hz. Consequently, the video processor has to convert the frame rate of the source material to the standard 60 FPS rate used on displays. Unless you know what you are doing, and you can tell that there is a specific problem with the cadence of the frame rate, just leave it on "Auto".

ASPECT: This setting determines whether the Denon "stretches" standard definition video signals to fit your widescreen HDTV. If you leave this on "NORMAL", standard definition material (which has a 4:3 aspect ratio) will be passed through un-stretched, so you will see black bars on either side unless you have your TV do the stretching. If you set this on "FULL", the Denon will horizontally stretch standard definition video so it fits the 16:9 aspect ratio of your HDTV.

HELPFUL HINT: Remember, by default, Denon AVR's with HDMI and video processing are set up to output everything to your TV via an HDMI cable, and will scale all analog sources automatically to the highest HDMI resolution your TV accepts, without touching any of the HDMI inputs. If all you want to do is plug everything in and run one HDMI cable to your TV, then DON’T CHANGE ANY SETTINGS and it should work fine as long as you have assigned all of your inputs correctly in MANUAL SETUP > ASSIGN.

#306780 - 05/16/10 04:54 PM Re: 4810 with a BDP-83...HELP. [Re: Ray3]
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Thank you for the link... Guess I am a bit over my head with this unit because I am still confused...LOL

#306781 - 05/16/10 04:59 PM Re: 4810 with a BDP-83...HELP. [Re: HTGEEK]
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My intial guess is if I change the "i/p Scaler" to "off", this will allow my OPPO to do the video scaling and the Denon do the audio.

Does that sound right?

#306823 - 05/16/10 10:20 PM Re: 4810 with a BDP-83...HELP. [Re: HTGEEK]

Yes, that's right.


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