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#307465 - 05/20/10 09:04 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: JohnK]
Riker Offline

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 Originally Posted By: JohnK
Stephane, it's disappointing to hear that Marc Hallam is fabricating nonsense like that about Axiom. Marc was a member here(Marc_in_Ottawa)about 7-8 years ago and did contribute some helpful posts sharing his enthusiasm for Axioms. Of course, that ended when Axiom discontinued their dealer network.

The weight thing is ludicrous, of course. Among other points, my 8 year old M22s aren't heavier than the current model.

John, just to clarify, it is not Mark who made the comments, Mark only works on the Online Store of the Audio Shop, it was long time salesman Garth .. forgot his last name..but not Mark..
Just want to point that out.


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#307466 - 05/20/10 09:15 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: Riker]
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I heard Garth was going back to Country Music. \:\)
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#307468 - 05/20/10 09:34 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: SirQuack]
terzaghi Offline

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I heard he was working on another Wayne Stock...

#307477 - 05/20/10 10:11 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: Riker]
JohnK Offline
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Thanks for clarifying that Steph.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#307914 - 05/24/10 12:22 AM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: JohnK]
Gieseman Offline
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I have been to a lot of shops and not to many salesman have heard of Axiom or will not say anything. I was at RBH factory in Layton, UT. to listen to some RBH signatures speakers I told the guy giving me the demo I had Axiom's in my bedroom set up. He was the first to say he has heard of them and ha said very good thing about Axiom speakers. I do too dislike when I go in to a place and the sales guy bashes other equipment most of them have no idea about their own product. It is sad when you can tell them about their own product line. Oh well Axiom makes a great speaker at a great price.

#307948 - 05/24/10 02:34 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: Gieseman]
chesseroo Offline

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Bren may know of this, although it no longer exists, really, but we had an audio seller/reseller in town called McCulloch Audio. When first researching speakers he was recommended to me from a long stereophile friend.
Upon entering the store and chatting with the owner Bruce, i gave him a list of the speakers i was researching.
If i recall i had Energy, Axiom, PSB, Paradigm, Monitor Audio, B&W and one or two others (maybe Totem).
Bruce went down the list and said "they make a good speaker, these guys make a great speaker, you might want to look at specific models from this maker, ...".

It was the first and last time i have ever walked into an audio shop and received what i now know was a very honest and realistic opinion.
He also turned me on to Angstrom Audio (another side story). I do own a pair now and they are fantastic sound and for a price better than Axiom (model dependent and applies to their more expensive models if bought used).
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."

#307955 - 05/24/10 04:22 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: chesseroo]
Adrian Offline

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Pretty rare for a dealer to say nice things about the competition in any business.
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#307972 - 05/24/10 08:12 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: chesseroo]
St_PatGuy Offline

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 Originally Posted By: chesseroo

He also turned me on to Angstrom Audio (another side story). I do own a pair now and they are fantastic sound and for a price better than Axiom (model dependent and applies to their more expensive models if bought used).

I really like the looks of the Obliggato line with the wood inlay.
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#308008 - 05/24/10 11:14 PM Re: Ex Axiom dealer [Re: Riker]
sauniq Offline

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my friends...traveling through life we will meet people of different degrees of professionalism. There sure are some great People in great professions and there are also some people that just leave alot to be desired. I bet not one of you will disagree on that comment. I am not suprised to see the same staff at stereo shops, I understand it can be a very rewarding career, there will be good and otherwise.

I love reading about the experineces of people being suckered into buying something they didnt want or didnt like. Shame on you!! Its your money and spend it how you want.

Axiom M80 speakers were a very good deal until I went to my local stereo shop to purchase some rotels amps etc. After listening to my local guy who wanted to sell me Vienna Acoustic speakers for the last two years, he helped me with products to improve the performance of my new speakers. I ended up with a new preamp that instantly made the Axiom M80s hit new levels of performance. I have never owned a better speaker for the price.

I appreciate the advice of professionals and when someone tells me that its the last one, I tend to believe them and make my own decisions. I would rather have a product that I desire; than lose an opportunity not to own something desireable. I sure wish I had purchased the last Rotel amp they had at 1400.00 nope, I was ok with not owning it and now I will pay almost 2000.00 at a different dealer to own the same amp. I suggest finding a great store and get to know someone there, you will be amazed how much a good rep will know and show.
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